NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 16 / Zombie Steampunk #31

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Word Count: 43,102 (Delta: +3,726 [8]) (Prime Delta: +3,094)

And we’re back! Sorry for the long respite guys. Eight whole days. And two of those days I was actually writing I just didn’t update my word count. It actually kind of looks a little sad, does it not? Only 3726 words in eight days? Although that seems a respectable word count for a half-part-time writer that I may become after this week. If I can get 4000 words written or edited a week while not participating in NaNoWriMo I’ll be well on my way to finish this novel or starting a new one.

Let me tell you though having a week off was awesome. And my prime delta is still not negative, which is very satisfying, even if it isn’t int he five digits anymore. My only lament is that I am now behind some of my buddies again in word count and the holidays are here, so I’m not sure if I’ll catch up before they win. Oh woe. But I /will/ win this, this year! Just watch me.

Buddy Watch

Today’s buddywatch is dedicated to sigmad. This is a man who, facing utter despair, took it head on and triumphed! While syncing his writing device to his computer, the device decided to try and update itself, which caused the device, and the 7,000 or so words he had written over the past few days, to become corrupted. Yeah, he lost 7000 words in one night. And he wrote back 6000 of them in the same night, in under six hours, in order to make the word count for the day.

Way to go sigmad! We’re all very proud of you for not giving up and totally kicking ass.

Zombie Steampunk Update

So I have written a scene where my robot girl leaps off a building with a flesh and blood woman in hand. They fall a story or so onto a roof, then roll off the roof onto some trees and bushes, and are able to walk away. I’m wondering if this stretches reality too much. Although the reader doesn’t know it, the flesh and blood woman has significant regeneration abilities, and actually I think most would be fine with the robot girl performing this particular leap. Perhaps if I make the robot girl comment that she was surprised the woman survived the fall. Hang a lantern on it, as it were.

Otherwise the novel is proceeding well. I almost ran out of outline yesterday so I had to stop writing to flesh out the outline a bit more. One particular problem with where one set of characters was going and if they split up or not got itself resolved, thankfully. I’m still seeing tons of problems with the character arcs and plot flows, but I’m ignoring that for now and just making notes and brainstorming.

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,369 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 8,243 Words (Delta +15)
Character Information: 2,641 Words (Delta +18)
Current Outline: 7,514 Words (Delta +933)
Draft: 43,102   Words (Delta: +3,726)
Grand Total: 62,869 Words (Delta +4,692)

Zombie Steampunk Excerpt

Lee kept himself from sighing and looked again towards the exit to the tower that led back down into the estate. He had paid special attention to everyone loaded into the skiff and Marla had not been among them. Which meant she was either still somewhere in the estate or had been turned out onto the streets. Lee couldn’t decide which was the most likely. He did know that he hoped she didn’t burst her way through the door in some vain attempt to save him and get herself damaged.

Lee bit his lip as the wooden door to the platform burst open. He blinked both eyes closed then opened one. Leanne, still looking stunning in her party gown, stood before a guard who had mistaken her for someone he could stop and had paid the price with a knee to the groin. Lee could see the anger on her fair skinned face. Opening both of his eyes he began to let out a sigh of relief when Marla ran out of the the tower. She too was still wearing her dress from earlier but it looked as if she had been fighting in it, which she likely had given how the delicate looking automata landed a solid punch to the jaw of a guard who had stepped up behind Leanne.

“Writing. Because we have to.” – Me


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