NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 19 / Zombie Steampunk #34 / Everlasting #1

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Word Count: 50,516 (Delta: +4,292 [0]) (Prime Delta: +5,507)

So for those of you keeping track, the word count up there is over 50,000.

[spoiler show=”It’s over what?” hide=”Aggh! Old meme!”]

Sorry. Kinda had to throw that in there. I know it’s an old meme but it’s still fun.


So yeah, I won! And to toot my own horn, I won three days before the deadline! This totally rocks. I wasn’t expecting to win till tomorrow.

Now the sucky part. I’m not even half way through my planned novel. Ha! Which means I totally can’t stop writing now. So yeah, get on my case if you don’t see any more zombie steampunk updates.

Speaking of which, you may have noticed this post has a new title. Well I’ve officially found a new working title for my book. It is called Everlasting. This is totally not the final titles but it may be apart of the final title. See the Zombie Steampunk update to find out why.

Buddy Watch

Curses! sleary beat me already! But I wrote more words! Hahaha! Okay no really. Congrats to sleary for a successful NaNo! This was a tough run! And I see sigmad and Merystic are still in the running! I have it on good authority that sigmad will finish tomorrow, and Merystic on Monday. Good luck guys! The finishing line is right there for the grabbing!

Writing Advice

Wow did pre-planning really help. The outline I wrote last you, almost completely re-written, and then partially re-written as a wrote, really let me focus my writing. Sure scenes changed but that just meant I needed to take some time to update my outline, or write off in the notes that this needed to be fixed.

I guess this makes me a hybrid discovery writer/outliner? A discovery outliner? Hmm. I’ll have to think on that and get back to you.

Zombie Steampunk Update

So yeah. The scene I wrote today ran long as I wrote two scenes from my outline all in one. Became one long action scene of Tigh, Marla, and Carlos attempting to get off the roof of the hospital. Not sure if this scene will make the final cut but it was kind of fun to write. Tigh is totally falling off the roof. Marla jumped off the rough. I think they’re my tag team comedy.

So the name change. I obviously wasn’t going to call this story Zombie Steampunk for forever. I recently came up with a better motivation for the first antagonist of the story, that being that he wants to take over the world. Actually this is the same motivation but he wants to do it for good reasons, and he is waving a flag of ‘come join me’ and calling his group, The Everlasting. This is actually a name stolen from the real bad guys who I haven’t revealed yet. Plus a book about zombies, everlasting, it seems to fit, no?

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,390 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 8,459 Words (Delta +216)
Character Information: 2,697 Words (Delta +42)
Current Outline: 7,496 Words (Delta -18)
Draft: 50,516 Words (Delta: +5,626)
Grand Total: 70,558 Words (Delta +5,866)

A Word

Thank you all for your support during this month. I know I haven’t been as social with some of my friends as they would have liked, and I’ve turned down invitations to various things. But becoming a writer is a goal I’ve decided to achieve and this has been a very large first step and I appreciate all the things people have said to support me.

Thank you.


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