Everlasting #2

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Draft Word Count: 52,897 (Delta: +2,381 [2])

So a new type of post begins.  Well not a new type of post. Same kind of post, different title. So those of you who have been following Zombie Steampunk, take note. Everlasting is now the new Zombie Steampunk. This will be the last time I make note of this. The tagging system will also be changing over to Everlasting. I’m not sure if I’ll go back and re-tag all the old Zombie Steampunk posts so you are now forewarned. Or something.

Writing! I’ve gotten about 2,381 in the last two or so days. Less than if I was holding myself to NaNo but still significant. The quality of the scene I’ve been writing has been poor as I haven’t really been focused. I’m wondering if I should try and hold myself to some slightly higher quality now that I’m  not rushed for words. But I suspect that I shouldn’t, that I should just write until I get the draft done. That was what NaNo was mostly trying to teach me right?

Everlasting Update

So you’d think with fifty three thousand words that I’d be somewhere near finishing. Nope! According to my outline closing on the mid point but it is still several scenes away. Scenes that will likely be filled with a fair amount of action since the zombies have now been introduced.

Case and point, Marla just decided to rip a jaw off a zombie bare handed. I’m starting to wonder how if I had even thought through the problems with having a character who is mostly immune to zombies, including the possibility of infection, a major character. Then again some of the plot I have outlined calls for that sort of thing so maybe it isn’t so bad?

So we’re on the streets now. Both major groups, except for Lee who is in uncharted territory up in the airship. I realized I may need to extend the airship docks scene. Have it be a siege so that I can give count Williams more time to be alive. I’m not sure. We’ll have to see how right it feels. I’m not sure how realistically a commander can keep the airships from leaving while refugees are still arriving from the city but dangit, my book needs a climatic airship battle!

Writing Group

So I’ve gotten my writing group to agree to regular writing sessions in the early evenings. Tuesday and Thursday. I’ve set my word count at eight hundred words per session. So in theory I’ll be writing over sixteen hundred words a week. That should propel me forward. This word count is just the draft, not world building, although I plan on doing some more of that as well.

Everlasting Stats

Glossary: 1,390 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 8,459 Words (Delta +216)
Character Information: 2,704 Words (Delta +7)
Current Outline: 7,518 Words (Delta +22)
Draft: 52,897 Words (Delta: +2,381)
Grand Total: 72,968 Words (Delta +2,626)


“Not lo-” Marla began but was interrupted when she noticed the second zombie, this time a woman in similar overalls, lunge at them from just a few feet away. Marla was sure she that this one had been much further away when she attacked the solider. She tried to leap forward to catch the zombie’s grasping hands by the wrist but her strength failed her mid leap and she ended up simply colliding with the drooling creature. Without hesitation it brought it’s teeth down over Marla’s nose and bit. Marla couldn’t feel the delicate metals that made her expressive face bend and contort under the pressure of the zombie’s bite but she knew what was happening all the same. With a sudden burst of anger she reached up and around, grabbing the zombie’s head. She grabbed a hold of the zombie’s jaw and head, forcing her thumb and fingers into it’s mouth past her nose, and then pulled. A soft pop followed by a rip and the zombie’s jaw was now in Marla’s right hand.

Night folks!


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