Everlasting #3

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Draft Word Count: 53, 879 (Delta: +982 [2])

Ahh. Gone are the days of thousand plus word counts… maybe. If I had just typed for a few more pargraphs! But still. My goal is 800 for now. I might raise it later, but I’m still having to flesh out my outline as I write, and re-write it a bit as I make scenes a bit different. I think I’ve found a good process for me. Make a decently fleshed out outline, then start writing scenes, then edit the outline as I go. This way I have a good track of where my story has been, where it is going, and I have an end in sight.

Writing Group

So we had our first official writing session yesterday. We ended up at our standard coffee house because none of us have scouted any of our possible new locations. Only two of us met but it was a good session overall. Today I’m hoping to scout one or two locations that’ll be reliable for 3+ people meeting regularly for writing with wi-fi, electricity, and allows food in the area.

Everlasting Update

So I wrote a scene that had an outline entry… and the entire scene ended up only following the first sentence of the outline and writing an entirely new action scene. It is going to need a lot of cleaning but it might make it to the next draft. We’ll see! Started on the actual scene that the outline called for. A lot of dialog. It didn’t skew too much from my original idea. I found myself having to keep Leanne’s voice in my head or her speech would become a bit too colloquial.

After I got my word count I went ahead and worked on my outline some more. A new action scene where Carlos finds the remnants of his squad. It is still up in the air if they’re all going to die before he gets to face off with Count Williams, since I’m relying on that to be his primary motivation for killing the man… we’ll see.

Everlasting States

Glossary: 1,390 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 8,508 Words (Delta +49)
Character Information: 2,704 Words (Delta +0)
Current Outline: 8,033 Words (Delta +515)
Draft: 53, 879 Words (Delta: +982)
Grand Total: 74,511 Words (Delta +1,546)


“It is not that bad.” Leanne stated firmly, placing her hands in her lap and lifting her head, looking around as well. “We shouldn’t stay here too long. The sun is setting. They will be more active and stronger at night.”

“They? The… what did you call them. Zombies?” Marla asked.

“Yes.” Leanne said.

“That your uncle made.” Marla said, starting to pace around the small wooden bench Leanne sat at.


“For some insane bid to create a new faction.” Marla said.


“With the help of all the scientists he invited to his party.” Marla guessed.


“And then somehow spread across the entire city.” Marla continued, her voice even, pausing behind the bench.


“Then rounded up every scientist involved and flew them up into the sky.” Marla stated, resuming her patrol, glancing up at the sky briefly.


“Leaving behind his niece.” Marla said skeptically, glancing down again at Leanne.


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