Random World: The Adventure Game on hiatus

by on Dec.15, 2010, under Entertainment, Gaming, Random World, Roleplaying Games

So in case you guys haven’t figured out, I’ve decided to put Random World on hiatus for now until I can figure out a slightly more interesting way to handle it. I may construct a section for it on this site when I do my next renovation which will make it easier to handle for me.

If you have any suggestions on what or how you would like to play, please feel free. For those of you who don’t know what this is about, you can find the majority of information about Random World here.

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  • Baldeagle

    I felt that having it on buzz made it more fresh, it got buried quickly much more quickly when just on the blog.

    • Nojh

      Agreed. It got buried both in Buzz and on the blog. Hence why I think building it it’s own page might work better. I can have it display only Random World posts and the latest post will always be on top.

      Buzz had other limitations like I could only include one hyperlink, which was really limiting. The blog also lets people subscribe to the comments (rather than automatically receiving them because of buzz).

      What about the game play? I’m thinking it might be better if I make the game episodic, giving you guys a goal to work towards each episode. Or is that too un-random like? Maybe a root word you have to use in your action responses?

      • Christopher Skelton

        You can always build something like that into the gameplay…”you’re now in the forest of jumping. all your actions must including jumping in some way”. Episodes can still be random depending on how you do them. Start with 2, go back to 1, jump to 5 for instance. Or the episodes go “in order” but have nothing to do with each other(so it seems…duh duh DUUUUUUHHH). I was fine with it either in Buzz or here, though I found myself more prone to jump in for a quick response when it was on Buzz.


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