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Okay so I was wrong. It is a little past 1am in the morning and I just got home from watching Scott Pilgrim vs The World. And I need to rant about it. This won’t really be a review, and it will be spoiler filled, so I’ll put a warning and put it behind a cut. But if you like hearing my reviews of the films, I’ll do a quick one.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World is a very good film. It works on so many levels and its presentation exceeds that of what has been publicized. I don’t think it is a film for everyone it is it a film that deserves watching. If any of the trailers you’ve seen on the blog interest you, go see the film. If you’re a teenager, you’ll want to see this film. If you’re a fan of indie rock music, you’ll have a passing interest in this film. At its core it is a romantic comedy but it really does defy some expectations. Or at least it defied some of mine.

I saw it once at full price, and I plan on seeing it at least once more, and I really don’t care about the price.


So I did actually have a problem with the movie. Two really. First off I was expecting more video game references. I expects this movie to parody video games. Instead I found this movie parodying culture, some of which is video games. This was the first expectation that the film defied, and I thought I was disappointed for it. Upon reflection, I decided it didn’t make me dislike it, it gave me more. It didn’t treat me like a child and say ‘haha we’re parodying this game now’, it used, hid, and played with references throughout the entire film.

The second problem I had was with the pacing of the film at the beginning. It felt disjointed, slow, and awkward. But it occurred to me at the end of the movie that this was likely intentional. And even if it wasn’t, it worked.

But those two “issues” aside, there was so much to love about this film. The first and for most thing I loved, which I suspect will be the major hurdle a lot of people have, is the magical-realism of the film. I once again given thanks to my 6th or 7th grade English teacher who assigned me the magical realism unit for independent study, because I can appreciate it so much more now. So the idea behind magical realism is that fantastic elements happen throughout the film that are simply accepted by the characters as fact. While characters may react to the situation with surprise, they never directly comment or discuss the fantastic elements that do happen. This film probably doesn’t meet the exact requirements to be magical realism, but I do love how it presents itself.

For example Ramona’s power. Oh my souls I want Ramona’s powers! In case you missed her explanation, she can travel through subspace gateways via other people’s heads. Allows her to make her deliveries faster. Also when she skates, ice melts. Thats kind of awesome. Anytime you see Ramona entering through her door, that’s her thing. Ramona in Scott’s dreams? Yeah thats her traveling. So awesome. It’s like the next bast thing to teleporting. Scott’s ability to fight as long as Wallace tells him to. Awesome. The narration given in the form of text during various parts of the film.

The references. Video game references were fun and I loved ’em. But there were so many more. I wish I could say I got them all but I don’t think I did. Film references. Music references. Inside jokes. The film has a sense of being full of them. Different parts of the audience were laughing at different times, or all together for certain parts.

The jokes were utterly hilarious. There was one joke that, sadly, I can’t remember, that made us miss a good few seconds of the film. The comedy was gold in this film.

It really. I mean. It was a movie with incredible fight scenes. An interesting story with character progression. Special effects. Great music. Good acting. It was a movie with actual meaning. It feels like I haven’t seen a movie that can both mean something and be entertaining in a long while. Perhaps that is just the post-watch high.

Anyway I’ll try and have a more structured discussion post after my second watching, which will likely be tomorrow or Sunday.


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