Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Spoiler Discussion

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The following is a spoiler-y discussion of my second viewing of Scott Pilgrim.
****====Spoilers beyond this point====****

So first off what were the video references everybody got? The Zelda and Final Fantasy music were pretty obvious. The sword use at the end seemed pretty Soul Caliber to me. Ramona and Roxy’s “finishing kick moves” were highly reminiscent of one of Chung Li’s strong attacks. The twin’s were obviously a reference to Double Dragon. Does anybody else think that the giant monkey during the twin fight is a reference to Rampage/Donkey Kong? 1-up was pretty obvious. Throwing fireballs, Mario or Street Fighter? Scott’s shirt changed so many times. I saw space invaders. He had a shirt that was the base symbol from rock band. Those are the two I remember off the top of my head. Obviously the ninja attack arcade was a Dance Dance Revolution reference. Coins falling and the point totals were pretty generic to any old arcade game. Wallace’s “Finish him” comment was obviously Mortal Kombat.

Did anybody else keep track points? I tried to the first time but lost track with the ninjas on level 7. Second time I made a point of counting. Each “boss” was worth their level times a thousand in points. So by the time Scott headed to the Chaos Theater, he had 1000+2000+3000+4000+5000+6000 points, or 16,000 points. He also had an extra life. Not sure if there is a video game known for granting extra lives at 16,000 points. Anybody? So I counted the ninja. There were 17 ninja, each worth 200 points, for a grand total of 34,000 points. So Scott had 50,000 points as he faced off against g-man. G-man killed him, however, so I’m not sure points carry over. But since Scott was earning points like crazy on his second try too, and has a 2x bonus due to his awesome purposeful exit montage and gear, I’m guessing that he likely had at least 50,000 if not more by the time he faced off against g-man again. Unfortunately I didn’t count the second time though. I tried but there were point total sound effects happening with the numbers being off screen, so it might be impossible to determine. We do know that Scott received 7000 for striking down G-man’s first form. And 1,000,000,000 for defeating him utterly. So he likely ended the “game” with 2,000,064,000 points, give or take. Unless Nega Scott gave points?

I LOVED how everybody effectively had some kind of super power. And I loved Ramona’s super powers. Not only did she seemed to have access to Hammer Space, but the off comment about being able to travel through a subspace corridor in Scott’s head. IE summon doors that let her get somewhere quicker. Awesome! Not exactly as cool as Teleporting like Roxy did. But still. Julie’s power seemed to be able to censor herself and everyone around her. She also seemed to be able to put out the lights when angry? Scott’s sister’s power seemed to be able to have people constantly filling her in on what bad things Scott was doing. Wallace seemed to have the power to turn Scott’s sister’s boyfriends gay, and also to be able to text while asleep. Also did anybody else notice that Scott didn’t seem capable of fighting anyone unless Wallace told him to? I loved that. Knive’s powers seemed to be stalking related. Able to appear out of anywhere. Also Ramona could melt snow with her roller skates. Utterly awesome.

Did anybody else notice the Xs and Numbers everywhere? The “Stages” were counted out somewhere in the scenery. Only level 7 was really obvious. I don’t remember where the 1 appear, but Lucas Lee’s belt buckle was two Xs. Roxy Richter’s shirt had a #4 on it, while Scott’s during that fight was ‘Zero’. Which I think is also a band reference? Whiel entering the after party, the bar’s upper structure had the number 4 on it. Did anybody see 5 or 6 anywhere? Also there were a lot of ‘x’s in the scenery usually right before a fight. They made an obvious point of it after the Lucas Lee fight but it existed prior to that as well. These are apart of the “little things” that I mentioned in my review.

Other little things I liked included the twin’s bus outside the theater when Ramona was leaving with Gideon.
It was painted with their dragon logo on it. Also Gideon wore a triforce like pin on every outfit he wore that was a 4 triangles int a triangle, with the letter ‘g’ inside the outer triangles. It was also painted on the entrance to his club.

Kim is likely my favorite secondary character. Her death stares, monotone delivery, and the way she shouted was just awesome. I totally want to learn to play the drums even more now. Ugh. Envy or Wallace are probably runners up there. I’m torn between really liking Knives or Ramona as far as main characters go (go figure huh)? As far as evil Ex’s goes, Roxy wins hands down, with Lucas Lee as a quick follow up. Roxy can teleport and Lucas seemed like a decent guy who was just a little too cocky and into his whole action thing.

Okay I’m getting tired so I’ll just cut it off there.


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