If I was a better reviewer I’d write stuff like this

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If I was less of a fanboy, I’d write stuff like this.


Yes yes another review of Scott Pilgrim vs the World. This time by someone far more literate than I. I’ll get here, at some point, but he does manage to cut to the core of why the movie is good, while I was still hung up on the presentation. And he manages to do it completely spoiler free.

The following section is for people who have already seen the film at least once.

So a discussion question for all you people out there. One of my friends brought up what I thought was a rather strange interpretation of the film. They felt that since the film is presented in a very surreal fashion, with action sequences happening suddenly and often in a non-sequitur manor, that all the fantastic elements of the film are instead visualizations of the mental interpretation of how Scott Pilgrim learns to cope with Ramona’s baggage. That in fact, the fights with Ramona’s Evil Exs did not happen, or if they did, they didn’t involve the more supernatural elements shown to us on screen.

So my question: Was this your initial interpretation as well?

He also pointed out something I failed to mention in my review(s) of the film. A significant portion of the visual action of the film is metaphor. On top of the story elements, references, and entertainment value, the writers/director took time to use the surreal aspects of the film to creator metaphors to help you better understand the primary character. I consider this just another reason to like the film.

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