Video: Trailer of X-Men: First Class

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So that was a little… eclectic eh? First off very bright and shiny. I kinda like that.

Second of all… Pixie! Yay! A rather adult looking pixie, which is kinda weird. But sure, whatever. I mean who doesn’t like Pixie? Okay so I know there is a very distinct possibility that isn’t Pixie but a rather obscure character known as Angel Salvatore but here is hoping…

Thirdly, mysterious teleporter whom they want us to believe is Nightcrawler! Except we know he isn’t because this is the past and Nightcrawler isn’t red. Any guess who this might be? Azazel? Belasco? Mephisto? Good money is on Azazel but you never know…

Story is hard to follow but this is a teaser anyway. But it looks like we’ll be switching between Magneto/Prof X’s past, and the “original X-men” before Wolverine found them. Looks like we’ll be seeing a few origin stories, like Beast and Emma Frost going Diamond again. Might that be Havok shooting Cyclops like power out of his hands? Not sure. I was really hoping for some more Gambit action. Loving the return of Mystique. I’m almost certain this plot is going to revolve around the Hellfire club in some form or fashion…

So I’m wondering if this is going to be the death of the X-Men Origins: Magneto movie. After what this will supposedly reveal, is there a point?

Any guesses on other characters/plot points?

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