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Can’t say I’ve seen a video so elegantly capture why the idea of zombies is so horrifying and tragic.

A lot of mass zombie killing games out there recently. Action-horror style games. I admit I’ve been kinda missing the slow-zombie resident evil style game, where you dreaded running into a room not because something would jump out at you but because you knew there was enough of them there that they would get you, and you just don’t have the ammo to stop them.

The above video is elegantly made. It both makes me want to play this game and at the same time, I’m not sure I really want to play a game if it can portray that level loss and horror at the same time. The trailer, I feel, is actually setting a pretty high standard for this game. Will it be true survival horror, or will I get to shoot every zombie dead?

Here is a link to an IGN article explaining more about the game. Apparently it has been in development since 2007 by a studio called Techland and is being published by a company called Deep Silver. I’ve never heard of either of these studios but quick wiki look ups show they have plenty of games under their belt. THat’s promising and so far they’re making a great splash with the trailer. Lets hope the game play holds up.

Wikipedia and the article suggest the game will be survivor horror. Few guns, lots of melee. You’re a tourist stuck on an island, and you actually use environmental weaponry (chairs, axes, bricks, etc). Items will be realistic, so if you start bashing a zombie with a chair, you’re going to find it not so useful after about the first three or four hits. Looks like it’s going to have character advancement (read: RPG elements) and a mystery/drama plot.

This might be the game I’ve been waiting for since I first saw Dead Rising.

The game has a Facebook, if you’re into the whole ‘like’ing thing, and an official site which is still under construction at the moment, but probably worth pinging just so the admins know there’s interest.

Here are some screen caps from the above video.

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