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Hi All.

So for the second time since I started this blog, I’ll be attending a convention. Unlike the prior convention I attended, I will be attempting to make a bit of a show of on this blog. That is, daily updates of what I’ve done around the con, what I’ve seen, etc.


I will be attending ConDFW X this year. ConDFW is a literary-focused science fiction convention, in it’s tenth year, put on by the Texas Speculative Fiction Association (TSFA) held in the Crown Plaza Suites in Dallas, TX.

According to the badges I’ve collected, ConDFW has had the distinction of being the only con to have me attend it for every year that it has existed. To put it a less pretentious way, I’ve attended every ConDFW that has ever been put on. I find that kind of neat.

ConDFW focuses on science fiction and fantasy literature, inviting authors from all over to give lecture panels, hold book readings, and do book signings. Every year they have a select set of guests who are the Guests of Honor. This years Guests of Honor are:

Jack McDevitt, author of seventeen novels including his upcoming one Time Travelers Never Die.

Tim Powers, author of dozens of titles including On Stranger Tides and The Anubis Gates.

Brandon Sanderson, an author of several books although probably most likely known for taking over the Wheel of Time series after Robert Jordan’s passing.

Brad W. Foster, an illustrator, cartoonist, writer and publisher well-known for providing art and stories to numerous publications including Amazing Stories, Dragon, and Yard Dog Press.

Don’t expect a lot of in-depth coverage of the convention. Despite it being a literary con, it has a multitude of things to do such as a dealer’s room, art show, and gaming. Note the last item on that list. That will be where I’ll be  spending a majority of my time, although the budding writer in me might peek at the panel list for craft related panels. If I do I’ll try to post my notes for you writing readers out there.

If there is something in particular you would like me to try to find out, I’ll take requests. No promises but you never know!

For my friends unable to attend ConDFW this year who’d like to hear about old buddies, I will be experimenting with the password protection system on this blog. If you would like access to these entries, make an account over on the left side of the site or drop me an email.

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