Japan, Scandinavia, and The Nuclear World

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Scandinavia and The World: Don’t Panic

I can’t verify the comic’s claims that Japan is taking it all in stride. Although some of the videos I have seen show rather stoic Japanese.

What saddens me is the commentary after the comic. The amount of misinformation obviously evident in most of the comments. As I read a few I kept hoping perhaps they were being ironic but I am not sure.

And here is another Uncle Pat rant on Crazy Uncle Ivan’s updating the nuclear issues going on in Japan. He attempts to set some of the record straight regarding the dangers and what plants have problems. Yes there is more than one that is having a problem but the general media is too confused (plus people who don’t read Japanese have a hard time remembering the different names of each plant) to explain it correctly. Perhaps confused is too nice of a word.

The summary is basically: Nothing is melting down. No one has been or is in danger and all the safety procedures taken that involve the public (pills and evacuations) are still according to the plan as a ‘just in case’ measure because even if things are still within plan it is better to be safe than sorry. So far nobody but the Japanese electric grid is sorry, thank the souls.

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  • Jennifer K.

    Also, the employees of the Daiichi nuclear plant in Fukushima are working hard to keep everyone safe, and are exposing themselves to higher than normal radiation levels. Here’s hoping that they are safe both in the short term, and the long term too.


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