Everlasting #27

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Draft Word Count: 76,963 (Delta: +0[5])

No actual writing done today on the draft, lots of writing in the outline (or so I think, we’ll see after the final count). I’m to a point where I want to start writing again, now that I know where the immediate scenes are going. Not knowing where they were headed was bothering me significantly.

Everlasting Update

Like I said I’m ready to get started writing again. The outline nicely outlined some interesting action scenes and some more dynamics between the airship characters. I hope to explore that fully. Might be shooting myself with another character with a planned future scene where an air skiff crashes near Marla but it is fun and interesting. Either way I’m excited about writing the novel again.

Anomalous Writing

Jeana and Marie showed up today, albeit at different times. I think the group is going well as per usual.  Otherwise not a lot has been going on with the group specifically.


It has been awhile since we had an excerpt so I figured it’s time to share. So here you go:

“Sure, Sir. Got a complaint though… against Serg… ahh Tricks. She has refused to grant me… leave.” Hudsons voice cracked and it was obviously an effort to speak. Sylvia reached out to move his arm and hesitated. Carlos noticed the wounds. Two bite marks, one scabbed over, the other had been cleaned but the bandage was now hanging loose. The skin around it look deadened. Sylvia dug into the bag and pulled out some gloves.

“Noted.” Carlos said simply. At Syliva’s instructions he lifted the blanket off of Hudson. He lacked his armor but his left pant leg had been cut away. There there bandages were still attached and showed signed of dried blood. The leg looked worse than his arm.

“Request permission to take leave, Sir. I’m pretty sure Hicks and Boomer have already started in on the chicks. Gotta get there before they scare ‘em off…” Hudson’s voice was hoarse now but stronger. Carlos found himself kneeling beside him, gripping the man’s left hand. He looked at Sylvia who was now examining the leg. Unlike when he brought in Tigh, she wasn’t reaching for any other instrument or ordering for tools. She knew they’d be a waste.

“Carousing and lechery are unbecoming a solider, private.” Carlos reminded him.

“Aww Sir. You know…” Hudson tensed in obvious pain, “uhh. You know the ladies just can’t help themselves.” Carlos smirked in spite of himself. Behind him he heard Tricks choke slightly.

“It’s against my better judgement but I grant you leave, Solider. You’re to report to Sergeant Boomer and Private Hicks for R&R. But I expect to see you bright and early for the Great Battle. That understood, Private?”

“Yes s…” Hudson grunted and suddenly jerked up, curling into a sitting position, then let out an agonizing moan of pain.

Everlasting Stats

The following stats are a little off because I started writing before I finished this post so they represent a few extra words than last time.

Glossary: 1,473 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 9,833 Words (Delta +0)
Character Information: 5,789 Words (Delta +41)
Current Outline: 10,450 Words (Delta +1,721)
Draft: 76,963 Words (Delta: +0)
Grand Total: 104,507 Words (Delta +1,762)

Cycling creative!



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