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Draft Word Count: 80,859 (Delta: +1,038[7])

Word count achieved today! Actually writing today was really easy. I got it done rather early and decided to work on the writing achievement system for Anomalous Writing, which I made good progress on so overall, today’s session went very well!

Everlasting Update

Today’s writing went very smooth. We got into the head of Sylvia again today. Her fear of dead bodies is not something constant in her character but I think it is an interesting idea for both a trauma doctor and someone surviving a zombie apocalypse. On the other hand I’m worried perhaps people will think I’m simply picking on the female gender, since she is freezing up a lot. I might need to be more explicit from the beginning she fears dead bodies or finds them weird but that is something to worry about in editing!

Anomalous Writing Update

Achievements have been started! I did some light Google searching and really couldnt’ find anyone who had done this before. I have stolen the idea from I Should Be Writing podcast but I figured it can’t be that new of an idea right? Giving people little goals to achieve for as they do a task? I dunno. The list is going alright. It is kind of hard to categorize them. I had a separate writing and editing section but I’ve now condensed that into one section. I haven’t started coming up with interesting names yet. I’m hoping that won’t be too hard! Here are some examples:

  • Finished your first draft of a novel.
  • Finished your second draft of a novel.
  • Finished a final draft of your novel.
  • Finished your second novel.
  • Finished your fifth novel.
    • Finished a novel. Repeatable.
  • Finished your second short story.
  • Finished your fifth short story.
  • Finished your tenth short story.
    • Finished a short story. Repeatable.

So yeah. I just need to give them names, and then hopefully come up with badge/graphic ideas for them!

Everlasting Stats

The following stats are a little off because I started writing before I finished this post so they represent a few extra words than last time.

Glossary: 1,473 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 9,894 Words (Delta +0)
Character Information: 5,816 Words (Delta +12)
Current Outline: 10,451 Words (Delta +0)
Draft:  80,859 Words (Delta: +1,038)
Grand Total: 108,493 Words (Delta +1,050)

Rightly creative!




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  • Jennifer

    I made up some achievement names :) They’re kind of silly, but isn’t that the point?

    •Finished your first draft of a novel.
    -> Down on Paper / Great Expectations
    •Finished your second draft of a novel.
    -> Are we there yet? / On the Road
    •Finished a final draft of your novel.
    -> Who’s on First? / One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    •Finished your second novel.
    -> Twice as Nice / The Red Badge of Courage
    •Finished your fifth novel.
    -> High Five / Self Reliance
    ◦Finished a novel. Repeatable.
    •Finished your second short story.
    •Finished your fifth short story.
    -> Short Stack
    •Finished your tenth short story.
    -> TaleTeller
    ◦Finished a short story. Repeatable.

    And a few more…
    -Write a book about an unfamiliar topic (i.e. one that requires a good deal of research) -> A Novel Idea
    -Have mind-numbing writer’s block that causes you to give up halfway through writing the book -> Paradise Lost
    -Completely change the planned plot around a character -> Metamorphasis

    • Nojh

      Thanks for the ideas! I’ve kinda re-vamped the achievements list so that there is no longer a ‘finished your second/third/fifth novel. Just some achievements for finishing your first few drafts, and then an achievement for finishing a novel after that. I might make the repeatable ones have different names for each time you get it, in which case I’ll steal some of your ideas.

      Have any other ideas?


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