It really was Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

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Long time readers will know I like Scott Pilgrim. I like the comics. I like the movie. Long time readers will also know that like is an understatement when it comes describing Scott Pilgrim and me. Scott Pilgrim was not the perfect film ever but it was one of the best films to come out of the year 2010 for a variety of reasons, the primary one being that the creators of the film actually cared. They took time, and lots of money, to provide everybody with a movie that cared as much about giving us an entertaining story as anything else it tried to do, including making money.

And Scott Pilgrim flopped, financially. The estimated markets still say it only did half of its budget internationally, and numbers aren’t good on the DVD/BRD sales either. I’m going to let Movie Bob explain why this is a bad thing.

Get it? We vote with our money and we’ve been repeatedly telling Hollywood that movies like Transformers and The Expendable are the only way to make money and movies like At the Mountains of Madness die.

I don’t have the answer to this problem but I’m hoping this point gets across.

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    Well, At the Mountains of Madness died because Prometheus was basically ATMOM set in space. Considering how popular the Cthulhu mythos is, and how influential Lovecraft is, there would be no doubt that the movie would’ve been made had Prometheus not tell what basically was a word by word retelling of it, but only on a different planet.

    Regarding Scott Pilgrim. Scott Pilgrim is only regarded as a good movie by geeks. And frankly, it’s not even all geeks. I regard myself as pretty geeky, but I ended up loving the Expendables far more because I was drawn more toward the overly macho 80’s action movies I grew up with instead of Michael Cera.

    This movie will not appeal to anyone over 30, because Scott Pilgrim is about 20 something year old douchebags who care about what 30 year olds and up would consider trivel things. People under 20 will not understand all the old video game references. Hell, Doom would be before their lifetimes, let alone old NES titles. The new generation grew up with Halo and Call of Duty. So, this movie is basically appealing only to a hipster crowd that are between 20-30 year old. They will say it’s good, but everyone else will think it’s stupid. I liked Scott Pilgrim enough, but I’m able to look outside of my demographic.


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