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Okay so remember back in October of last year, there was this trailer for this game that I said I was really looking forward to? Well I do, barely. It is called X-Men Destiny and E3 this year finally offered up some new information: a trailer.

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So I admit after the last teaser trailer, this the visuals of this trailer are a bit of a let down, but honestly that is to be expected. Similar to Dead Island’s breakout trailer and its demo comparison, there was little to no way the game could live up to that awesomeness.

That being said the speech given between Cyclops and Magneto was brilliant writing, even if the game play elements and graphics looked a little  unimpressive. I admit I was hoping for more of a fully customizable character, rather than three different characters but I can understand the sacrifice. The game is giving hints that it is very story focused (such as the narration of the trailer) which is really what I would like. The X-Men Legends series was fun but the story was hard to immerse myself in and prior Marvel based games have basically all been brawlers and fighters. Still the game is being created by Silicon Knights, whose most notable game was Eternal Darkness, and most recent game was Too Human.

Also it looks like the game is pulling from the latest Marvel storylines, which is not that surprising as it looks like Marvel is heavily involved in the game’s development. Scott/Cyclops is sporting his latest costume. Pixie, one of the newest regular X-Men, has a cameo, plus everybody’s popular favorites, Magneto, Juggernaut, Nightcrawler, Wolverine, and Gambit. Surprisingly Pyro gets a bit of screen time, probably one of the few other iconic villains of the X-Men video game line, even if he wasn’t as popular a character in the actual comics. has some extra information on the game that is has apparently been releasing slowly and with little fanfair. Navigating their website is usually a pain at best but for my loyal readers I’ve dug through the archives to get you direct links.

Character Profile: Aimi Yoshida

Character Profile: Grant Alexander

I wasn’t able to find anything on the third character.

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