Writing Time: Everlasting #33, Science Future #3

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Writing has been going well enough. Last week I took off writing of Everlasting and Science future to do some writing for Ruminant Productions. Got some actual writing done on Everlasting today and the week prior. Next Thursday I will likely work on Science Future.

Writing came easily today, which was nice. My word count is well over a thousand as opposed to the last time I wrote, which I only met around four hundred words. I haven’t exactly been looking forward to writing sessions lately but I have been proud of myself for keeping them.

Everlasting Update

Draft Word Count: 92,187 (Delta: +3,119[19])

Everlasting is progressing. I’m still not happy with it overall but I’ll fix that in editing. I really shouldn’t judge it before it is finished but it has been awhile since I have written a really awesome scene that I felt really fit what I want to make that I’m kinda feeling weary of the book. I think I’ll be happy to move on to a new project. Or perhaps completely refurbish the plot and characters. I’m not sure. I try not to fantasize about it too much!

Everlasting Stats

[spoiler show=”Click to show current Everlasting Stats”]

Glossary: 1,565 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 9,963 Words (Delta +17)
Character Information: 5,915 Words (Delta +11)
Current Outline: 12,196 Words (Delta +1,045)
Draft:  92,187 Words (Delta: +3,119)
Grand Total: 121,826 Words (Delta +4,192)


Science Future

I’ve published one article since last time that I mentioned in description. Science Future: Harking Hugos. Feel free to go look at it. I haven’t started a new article yet not have the articles been receiving a lot of comments but hopefully with time. I may experiment a bit more with the style.

Anomalous Writing

Anomalous Writing is plugging away. We lost another member to moving away so the official physical member count is down to three. All three were in attendance today, however, which was heartening. I need to start recruiting again!

So that’s about all for writing time. Slither creative!

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