SDCC goers, please stop stepping on little kids

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Seanan McGuire, author of several excellent books, especially the Newsflesh Series (under the name Mira Grant) wrote an excellent post about some of the behavior that goes on among toy collectors at San Diego Comic Con. Let me share it with you.

I remember being a little kid and being desperate for a particular toy. I remember my mother driving hours on end to various toy shops in the hopes of finding me one, which I honestly think is one of the most endearing ways a parent can show how much they care about their kid’s happiness since you have to know the kid will eventually not really care about said toy as they grow up.

But I digress. This is mostly a “shame on you” post to the various other toy collectors who attended SDC and behaved in such a way as to actually hurt, physically and emotionally, this little girl who wanted to stand in line for her toy. Western civilization developed the idea of standing in line in order to avoid these kind of situations and your dedication to your obsession should be bound by the rules set forth to you in elementary school. Get to the heat of the list first/early or get a friend to save you a spot so you can cut. You don’t go pushing your classmates/strangers/stranger’s little kids out of the way!

And you shouldn’t need to be reminded of that.


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  • midga

    Right on! A fairly simple way to handle this is purchase limits.

    Also, WTF SECURITY??! Con security typically has ONE job (aside from handling security issues, and even then anything major is typically phoned in and dealt with by someone less-monkey): keeping people orderly, and often in lines. If SDCC doesn’t have enough security to handle a job like this, then maybe it’s time they started widening their recruitment campaign, or possibly rethink their arrangement to make it a bit more conducive to the volunteer pool they /do/ have. I mean, really, if you put up a few signs at the convention that say “Hey, free badge if you’re willing to keep people in lines for 12-20 hours,” then you’re bound to pick up a few more. Weed them out with an interview and close-scrutiny if you have to. But I digress.

    Also, curse the SDCC exclusive creating something I actually want! That is an awesome looking pony :D


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