Book Watch: Bakuman

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Bakuman, Vol. 1Bakuman, Vol. 1-6 by Tsugumi Ohba

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Date Started: Sept 1st, 2011
Date Ended: Sept 6th, 2011

I caught the first few chapters of this manga in Shonen Jump, and was rather hooked from the beginning. It balances a slow-paced drama and romance with insider technical knowledge of how manga is produced in Japan and remains interesting despite a premise that does not lend itself easily to being described. Since it is a manga about manga, they don’t go into a lot of detail regarding the fictional manga being created but instead focus on interactions between the fictional manga’s creators, friends, and colleagues.

Mostly what I find inspiring about the series is the idea of two people pursing their dream job, regardless of the consequences. The series is still being published in America.

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  • Shinigami

    What do you think about the anime? I haven’t finished season 1 yet and they’r letting out a 2nd season ( preview) . It was running too slow for my tastes but now that I have the time, mayb I should make some room for watching it. Is it better than the manga? Maybe, if you prefer anime than manga, but I like the manga because I can skip and turn and go faster and all those things on can’t do with the anime…

    • Nojh

      I have no seen the anime. I’m not sure I’d want to either but I suppose I’d give it a try. If someone told me “Hey, come watch this anime about characters making manga.” I’d be hesitant but I would have also been hesitant of reading a manga about characters making manga. I personally have no particular preference between manga or anime as a medium, although there are certain series I most certainly prefer the anime over the manga or vice versa. Scryed is a better anime than a manga. Naurto reads easier as a manga than an anime.


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