Writing Time: WZS #2, NaNoWriMo 2011 #2

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Word Count: 1,667 [0]
Total Word Count: 3,541 (Delta: +207)

So writing was a little easier today. I was just continuing the scene from yesterday. I didn’t find time to work on more outline, which is troubling, but I did have an idea of what to do next. So I’m not fumbling too much. Writing group isn’t as large as it was last year, with only two of us showing up physically, but we’re keeping each other going. Internet members are always hard to goad on, sadly.

Writing Buddies

A quick shout out to jagmunoz, laura_williams, and sithwitch13 for keeping up their word count on the NaNoWriMo webpage. I also have it on good authority that sigmad is only a few hundred words behind. A special not to sithwitch13 who has a whopping 5,441 words. Way to go and stop making the rest of us look like slackers! ;)


[spoiler show=”Click for Excerpt”]Zombies were not really all that dangerous individually even when they were fresh and they only got worse the more they ripened. The group that was covering on them was small compared to the hordes that used to throw themselves at the walls and most of them looked like they had been dead a long time. A zombie’s main advantage was that it took a large amount of effort to kill a single zombie. They seemed immune to pain and were unfatiguable. So while one person took the time to kill a single zombie, several more could easily just shamble up next to them and lunge. The second advantage a zombie had was that they were strong. One a zombie had a grip on someone it was often easier to cut off the zombie’s hand than to pry yourself away. The best tactics when taking on a zombie horde was to skirmish. Move in and attack and then move away. Keep moving so they have to follow you, attack when they weren’t prepared to lunge. This worked best in teams so each person didn’t have to worry about being ambushed.[/spoiler]
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