Writing Time: WZS #3, NaNoWriMo 2011 #3

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Word Count: 1,733 [0]
Total Word Count: 5,274 (Delta: +274)

I seem to be faring pretty well. It’s taking me about an hour and a half to two hours to meet my word count. Again I couldn’t write a bit longer or give myself some time to fill some of my outline but the story isn’t too bad so far, I think. I’m definitely taking notes of how to improve it as I go. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to seed the ending I really want.

Writing Buddies

My writing buddies are doing awesomely. jagmunoz and sithwitch13 are both ahead of the word count. sigmad isn’t too far behind and is likely going to catch up this weekend, if I know how he works. sleary hasn’t reported a word count but I know she’ll ping several thousand words here soon.

[spoiler show=”Click to read the excerpt”]

She realized she had been so focused on her father that she had lost track of the zombies she was distracting with her presence. She whipped her head around to see the fresher of the pare crouching slightly. She brought her crossbow around to point at it, fired, and struck it right in the chest, which did nothing to stop it from tackling her.


The smell had been unbearable when they were feet away. Now with one atop her, it was unbearable. She vomited, spitting directly into the zombie’s face. At the same time she began struggling for her life. She let go of her cross bow and grabbed for her knife, putting it between the zombie’s face and her. The most dangerous part of a zombie was its mouth. A single bite was a death sentence so she did her best to make sure that wasn’t going to happen. Her chest was heaving involtunarily and her eyes were watering both from the vomiting and the stench but she had to make sure it also didn’t get a grip on her by pushing and moving.


She was screaming and she thought her father was yelling. She didn’t have the space to stab the zombie. It was now squirming atop her, trying to push itself up so it could get a proper bite. She kept the blade in its face, pushing its face away while kicking and pushing its arms out from under him. Then it gabbed the blade of the knife and wrenched it from her hands. The blade cut across her forhead as he pulled it away and her vision went red. She was gagging now. She could feel the zombie managing to sit up. It moaned, it’s horse dry voice promising to devour her. She punched and kicked feebily under its weight and cried for it to stop.


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