Writing Time: WZS #5, NaNoWriMo 2011 #5

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Total Word Count: 8,951 (Delta: +616)

Writing was rather hard today. Weekends are always hard. I had a particular distraction since I had family and significant others over who wanted to spend time with me, understandably. Yet and prevailed. But I also have to cut this update short for those exact reasons. Here’s a quick excerpt.

Also one annoyance. The NaNo site is once again not very responsive. I find this aggravating and I wonder what kind of pressure they get that will break their site every year so regularly.

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The library had been managed by Servitor Williams. It was his pet project, since his healing skills were not needed too often, and his spirtual gudience skills less so. Fang Pass was a village of hard working farmers, explorers, miners, and the like. As a rule, they accepted the reality of the world, rather than ascribing to dogma. Even her father was not a particularly religious man despite having been apart of the Clergy for most of his life. Nobody, however, could deny that the Church’s skill and faith had done humankind a service. It was the Church that provided the Clergy, an organization of men and women trained to hunt the deadliest and most cunning of creatures that preyed upon humanity. Zombies were the most common threat, even in the cities.


Werewolf packs were the next most common threat but mostly in the outer territories such as Fang Pass. Other fauna that roamed the land such as wolves, bears, and shocker lizards made venturing outside the wall a hazardous past time, which is exactly what the Clergy was tasked to do. The Clergy provided protection for any and all to travel between human civilizations. They setup a network of message bearers between the city states and villages that eventually formed the kingdoms. Some territory, like the cities, were considered safe enough that people could walk around without even needing to carry weapons or signal horns.


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