Writing Time: WZS #7, NaNoWriMo 2011 #7

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Word Count: 5,601 [3]

Total Word Count: 19,873 (Delta: +1,536) 

Sorry sorry! Work has been so hectic that I’ve really only given myself just enough time to get my word each day before rushing off to finish it. Hence no real update post. You’re getting an abbreviated one right now as I’m about to go have some fun for the first time in about a week, assuming you don’t count NaNoWriMo as fun. Heh.

Writing is going okay. I know it has problems. But I’m allowed to suck. The last two days were a breeze. Today wasn’t too bad. I find I write description really really quickly. Exposition a little less so. Dialog and action I slow down considerably. I seem to be almost the exact opposite of all the other writers I know, who can churn out dialog like they were writing plays.

Still I’ve made my word count each day, despite excessive working. I’m totally hanging on to my “I am writer!” title.

Writing Buddies 

Speaking of writers, everybody seems to be doing a great job on my list. A few people are a little behind here and there but nothing they can’t catch up on this weekend. Sithwith13 has once again retaken her lead according to the website but I also know sigmad hasn’t been updating and is actually supposedly a day ahead. I wouldn’t bet on him too quickly however as I also know that the game Skyrim is going to kill off that lead, more than likely tonight.


It’s been awhile so here is an extra long excerpt. Reminder this is completely unedited. See how bad raw writing can be!

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They arrived just in time for the pyre and the fire was just begin stoked to it’s full brightness. A small crowd had gathered but far more than Deborah had been expecting. When a person died, it was well known that what had made the person a person had somehow passed on to become apart of the Spirit. This was proven mostly by the living dead, who rose and attacked the living indiscrimently, be they strangers or loved ones of the prior body’s aquatinence. This was why all bodies were desposed of quickly as possible in a pyre. Loved ones and friends were encouraged to attend and share in the celebration of the dead one’s life and, if the gatherer was particularly devote, their joining with the Spirit.


Fang Pass was a small village. Everybody was at least some kind of an aquatinence if they stayed longer than a week. So when someone died, more often than not the entire village showed up to the pyre. Last night had been an exception, since the clergy and militia had been on duty, and Deborah herself had been in quarentine. So the crowd was made up mostly of people who couldn’t have attended the pyre of the servitor the prior night. Deborah guessed, however, that there were more than that. Some looking to pay their respects again, or perhaps just find something to help lighten their mood.


Since there was no body for a second pyre, small effigies were to be created by the attenddees. Traditionally this would take the form of a twig doll wrapped with the gather’s own hair but that had given way to more metaphorical effigies. Fang Pass in particularly perfered to burn symbols. Words or images written on paper to the deceased or a small personal item, that burned, that reminded the burner of the one who had died.


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