Writing Time: WZS #8, NaNoWriMo 2011 #8

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Word Count: 7,178 [3]
Total Word Count: 27,051 (Delta: +2,046) 

And I yet still succeed! Nay I am ahead! The last two days of writing have been somewhat torturous while writing, even though I get my word count only to realize that not much time has passed. I find this an odd situation. Writing is progressing. I don’t like what I’m actually writing. I desperately want to make more of an outline but I am on NaNo time and I still want to get more things done. I no longer have day time work obligations but now I need to catch up on the stuff I didn’t do last week. I honestly didn’t even realize I had already passed the half way point! Woo!

Writing Buddies

Heeee! I’m leading the charge among all my buddies for most words written. I’m only leading by around two thousand words but this makes me rather happy. Most of my friends are a little behind though, which worries me. Come on guys, we’re nearing the final stretch. You gotta get that word count up before the holiday (if you’re in America)!


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“The most likely scenerio is that someone broke into my bedroom. They wanted to steal something. The clawmarks could be from some kind of artifical appendage or climbing tool,” she mused as she began gathering her discarded clothing. With her ribs she wouldn’t be able to do any heavy lifting but she could at lest push her desk out of the middle of her room. “But we know something climbed the wall last night. Is it possible that something decided to break into my room?”


Deborah decided as she gathered up her books and writing supplies that this was not illogical. “If my memories are to be trusted, the creature ran away from me, even when it knew I was chasing it. It was either scared of me or it was trying to lead me to the village. It had no obvious motivation of the later, so perhaps the former. If it was a werewolf. It somehow knew my father was off hunting. It saw me in the forrest. It decided to steal into the village to break into the house.”


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