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Writing Session

Session Word Count: 1,251

And we’re back to writing for Everlasting and man was it easy. I think NaNoWriMo reminded me some of the rules about writing a first draft. Just write and don’t worry about it. It also reminded me how much I love outlines because I still have plenty of scenes outlined for Everlasting which made it very easy just to jump back in. My word count before I decided to stop and write this was one thousand two hundred and fifty-one, which I think is the highest word count I have for everlasting over the last three months. So I’m rather proud of myself for getting back into it.

Free Write & Science Future

In other areas of writing, Free Write will be returning sometime in the new year probably in a less hectic schedule of two to three times a week rather than five times a week. So be looking forward to that. Also Science Future will be appearing sometime between now and the future, so keep an eye towards EscapePod for the release of that.

Everlasting Update

Draft Word Count: 97, 750 (Delta: +5,563)

So obviously I didn’t do some updating of word counts before I started NaNoWriMo as my delta is over five thousand. My apologies. Everlasting is still going well. I’m about to dig into the outline and see if I can match where I am with where I want to be when I finish this novel so I can finally be done with it. Ninety seven thousand words is far too big so I’ve obviously gone wrong somewhere but I’m not too worried. Once I have this done I’ll likely be taking a crack at editing Zombie Steampunk Werewolf or starting some small novellas before I come back to fix the problems with Everlasting.

Everlasting Excerpt

Been awhile since I did an excerpt but I felt it was warranted. So here you go:

[spoiler show=”Click to show excerpt”]

Marla stared at the wall of flesh that was writhing lengths away from her and her companions. Most of them seemed entranced by sky. It was exceptionally bright now and flaming debris was falling regularly, setting some of the walking dead alight. It bothered Marla considerably that the afflicted did not seem to care about their burning flesh but instead lifted their arms to the sky as if performing some kind of ritualistic worship of the airship that would more than likely crush them into a second death.


Not all the walkers were content to worship, however, as a few noticed the presence of the three women and began making their ways towards them with unnerving slowness. One was even on fire but Marla had to force herself not to stare. They needed a way out. She glanced to her companions. Olivia was entranced by the wall. She seemed to be whispering to herself perhaps some small comforting mantra. Leanne on the other hand seemed to have gone into some kind of shock, closing her eyes and bowing her head. She was breathing deeply as if trying to calm herself although it did not seem to be working.


They didn’t have time to backtrack. The airship was going to fall directly on their heads and Marla knew it. She glanced up again to confirm this when she realized the mass headed towards her was not the airship and it was considerably faster.



Writing Group

So my writing group has shrunk back down to effectively myself again with the occasional visit from my friend Daniel. I did intend to try to get in contact with other writers via NaNoWriMo but I was too busy to actually attend any of the events. I am somewhat connected to another small writing group that meets on Tuesdays but I still worry that writing alone is going to hurt my productivity some. It might be an unfounded worry since I am alone now and still writing.


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