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Writing Sessions

Word Count: 1,907

And we’re back. Again! Okay so way too long between writing session updates. What can I say? Holidays? Sickness. New Routines. Etc. Anyway I started off the new year’s first writing session with a bag. Nineteen thousand nine hundred and seven words on Everlasting. I was just a bit on a roll. Only took me about and hour and a half as well. Perhaps I’m still in NaNoWriMo mode. I’m not sure. I had the “It is okay to suck” mantra in my head today which kept me from going back and look up too much stuff, although I did learn some history about toilets this session. Speaking of toilets.

Everlasting Update

Word Count: 99,657

Yeah. We’re less than four hundred words away from one hundred thousand words. That seems amazing. It is also way too big. I foresee my edits being a huge hack and slash of the plot, when I get to them. Here are a few things I found kind of interesting about getting back to Everlasting after taking such a long time.

  1. I was a lot further behind in the plot than I thought I was. Entire sections I thought I had already written were still in the outline waiting to be written. This turned out to be a good thing as it meant I felt like I could “fix them” rather than having to “write them again”
  2. Outlines are so awesome. I am totally an outlining person. Being able to see what I had written before as an outline, and what I was supposed to write next, just let me jump right into it without bothering about re-reading too much or forgetting where I was going. Next time I write I’m going to try to fully outline the entire book before I get some serious writing down.

Science Future

There was a Science Future article published last month that I didn’t announce

Science Future: Aggrandize Aptitude

I think this is one of the better ones I’ve done so check it out and tell me what you think. I’m sadly not getting any real commentary on my articles which means I’m probably pushing the mediocre line. Not horrible but nothing awesome either. Or worse, nobody is actually reading it.

Free Write

Free writing is not dead! It is still on hiatus however. With a little luck I’ll get it up and started again next week, appearing Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays, basically on days that I’m not writing my novel or for Science Future.

Anomalous Writing

Well I’m hard pressed to say there is a writing group. It is back to being just me and Daniel. The other writing group that had Ryan and Steph is no longer meeting that I can figure because Steph has a new obligation in her life. While I am still in contact with most everybody through the internet, it is very different from having writing sessions with other people. But I’m writing on my own now so perhaps I no longer need a group for that and should instead look for a critique group. I am not sure and don’t feel like putting for the effort to try to find one physically just yet. Maybe once I’ve done an edit of Everlasting or Werewolf Zombie Steampunk.

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