Writing Time: Everlasting #38

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Writing Sessions

Word Count: 1,743

Writing sessions have been going well. I’ve been meeting a one thousand word count pretty regularly. Today I really knocked out my word count which was awesome. Most of that was done in an hour or so. Last session I was joined by Daniel and we discussed how to do some editing, since he has begun editing his NaNoWriMo novel from two years ago.

So I’ve decided that, wherever I go, I’m going to keep the name Anomalous Writing for my writing groups. I’ve decided I really like the name. At the moment I’ve no success in recruiting new members but I”m not sure about how to go about it anyway or if I really want to. But I’ve decided I”ll keep the name.

Everlasting Update

Word Count: 104,873

So today’s scene birthed a new idea. So I’ve been back and forth trying to figure out Everlasting’s technology in regards to paper and writing. For one I know I want them to have an equivalent of a printing press. But I’m enamored with the idea that they still prefer scroll like paper rather than cut sheets. I don’t see why the world can’t have both I suppose, but it is something I need to sit down and research. One device I’ve decided I like is the idea of a re-loadable notepad, called a scrollpad. It’s a small clipboard that can have a cylinder on the bottom which stores a roll of paper (think like a receipt roll). It dispenses the paper up where it is collected at the top. People write their entire notes in a scrolling fashion and when the roll is out, load it back into its case, name it, and store it. Seems rather steampunk right? The clipboard also has an attachment for writing device, and perhaps an extra optics attachment or something. Cause attachments are cool.


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