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So some more changes are happening. A lot of the content that you see here is going to be going away. Yeah. All the videos and comic links and such? Poof! Why? Because I’m going to be reserving room on this blog for more of my content. Posting opinion pieces, reviews, my writing, and writing I do elsewhere. Weird Words will continue and maybe a few other article ideas. Perhaps Comic Links, since comics are rather dear to me.

The other content isn’t going away however. Far be it for me to deprive the internet of my opinion on what is good or funny. Instead most of that content will be moving to Tumblr.

A Singularity [Tumblr Edition]

Tumblr is a lot like a condensed blog. I like to think of it like if Blogspot and Twitter had a weird genetically modified offspring, Tumblr would be it. It focuses on posting content quickly but with little restriction, and allows those people with Tumblr accounts to share it on their blogs quickly an easily, similar to re-tweeting.

Now A Singularity [Tumblr Edition] has existed in the past but it has acted as a repeater for this blog. Now it will be showing exclusive content. Now in the future I may start creating summary posts of Tumblr content here, perhaps on weekend days, for those of you who don’t want to go make a Tumblr account. Also if you’re a big fan of RSS and don’t want to make a Tumblr account, Tumblr fully supports RSS. Get A Singularity [Tumblr Edition]’s RSS feed here. Keep in mind that content here will be reproduced over there, so you might have some duplication.

There is already some original content on the Tumblr, so go check it out.

More updates as they come available.


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