Free Write #26: Home by Nojh Livic

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So how are people liking the stories? Today’s is going to be a little strange. Please let me know your honest opinion.


By Nojh Livic

John picked up the red plastic cup and took a sip of its contents. The liquid was bitter. He sighed. John laid back on the couch and lifted the television remote with his free hand. The television flickered to life at the press of a button. A weather woman began talking about the ongoing drought which seemed to have no end in sight.

John shook his head and set the bottle down. He stood, stretched, and headed to the bathroom. The soda just went straight through him most days. The tap water was cold. The boiler must be out again. He set down the cable remote and pulled out his cell phone and began to look up his apartment owner’s number. He flushed the toilet as the phone began to ring.

He made his way towards the kitchen. Sounds of a cartoon mouse and cat enacting mayhem blared from the television as he passed by. He reached to turn it off and realized he forgot the remote in the bathroom. John turned to retrieve it when a voice spoke through the phone. Distracted, he began to explain his problem, only to realize he was speaking to recording. He sighed in annoyance, leaning against the wall, waiting for the voice to finish explaining all the information about emergency numbers so he could leave his message. He stared out the window. Rain drops lightly pelted the pane.

He turned back towards the kitchen, explaining that the boiler was likely broken again and that he wasn’t getting water from the tap in the bathroom. He tested the kitchen sink and found the same problem. He checked his fridge. It was bare. That meant the only thing he had left to drink was in the cup in the living room. He hung up the phone on the wall and made his way back to his chair. It creaked as he sat and shifted, picking up the cup and taking a sip. Not too bad but still bitter. He decided to ration it.

He grabbed the remote from the end table and changed the channel. It was so early that most of the stations had cartoons. The door bell rang and he rolled out of the love seat with a groan. He really needed to stretch more. He passed the bathroom and saw he had left the tap on. It had steamed up the mirror. He detoured to turn it off.

The door bell buzzed again insistently and John waved his hand at it dismissively, muttering to himself. The television was recounting the number of murders in the city when he opened the door to a pair of suit wearing men in dark shades. Behind them, parked at the curb in front of his house, was a nondescript van.

Badges were flashed and John was asked to step out of the house. John was skeptical and asked to see the badges again. One of the suits seemed very intent on looking past John. John looked over his shoulder. There was nothing special about his living room other than his inherited rack of wines. It had been a strange prize for a radio station. John considered offer the suits a bottle, just so he could get rid of one. He had too much as it was.

The suits repeated their request more firmly after letting John look at the badge to his heart’s content. The second suit was whispering into his wrist. The two, despite their glasses, looked very concerned. He could already see that another suit was exiting the van and was talking on a fancy looking cell phone. In the distance he could hear the sound of aircraft.

Not a bad day to be flying a kite, if it a little windy and humid, Joan decided. She shrugged and followed the first suit to the van. He started asking odd questions. Had she witnessed anything strange today? How long had she lived in the duplex. Were there any other occupants? How old was she? Pretty easy questions but she didn’t know what to make of it.

The questions continued as two helicopters appeared over her house. Joan watched them, answering the questions, until they shot something like a net down over her home. When she shouted angrily to know what was going on, one of the suits detained her. She struggled, watching some strange light envelop the house.

Joan shook her head, suddenly light-headed.

The nice suit kept her from falling over. She apologized, explaining that she was not sure what had come over her. The suits were pretty understanding after all. Apparently she had somehow wandered past a police line onto a crime scene. She didn’t remember how but was happy they didn’t charge her with trespassing or interfering with an investigation or something. One of the suits was even nice to call a patrol car to take her home.

The only problem was, she had trouble remembering where that was.

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