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So I don’t often post really good podcast episodes mostly because I listen to my podcasts in the car and it is hard to write internet posts in the car. Most of the other drivers don’t appreciate it for some reason. Lots of car horns, let me tell you.

But today I am breaking that rule for Writing Excuses. Writing excuses is one of my favorite podcasts about writing, offering incredibly useful tips and advice for aspiring authors and wannabe writers. Plus the podcasts are only fifteen minutes long, because I’m in a hurry (and they’re not that smart)!

Which brings us to the episode I feel you should listen to. This is by far not a typical episode but it is a hilarious one and even if you aren’t attempting to become a writer it is well worth listening to.

Writing Excuses Season 7 Episode 14: Writing Excuses

This episode will go over common (and maybe not so uncommon) writing excuses. It offers us such jewels as:

[Brandon] You know, what I think helps with a writer who wants to write epic fantasy, really? I really think… You know Tolkien took 20 years to world build. You’re not as good as Tolkien. Let’s be up front with that. So I think maybe 40 years is about as much time as it…
[Dan] 40 years if you’re exactly half as good as Tolkien. Which is still a little arrogant of you, frankly.

Here is the link to the podcast. If you can’t listen to the podcast, here is a link to the transcript (which is a lot less funny unless you hear their voices, but still hilarious).



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