Writing Time: Everlasting #41

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Writing Sessions

Word Count: ~1,254

So today was a good writing session. I skipped last Thursday somewhat by accident, somewhat on purpose, by working too much and since then I had been lamenting that I really hadn’t worked on Everlasting in what seemed like forever. The session prior to that I worked on Weird Words and Free Write. So today was dedicated to getting out some words on Everlasting and also writing an update! Tada!

Writing group wise, things have been up and down. My old group, Anomalous Writing, is still just two members, and the other member is having creative issues. In other words he is taking a break to focus on other creative purists like painting or roleplaying game writing. He still writes but it is more on his own terms. Since I’m still writing, although perhaps not as regularly when there was a bigger group, I guess I don’t need writing sessions as a group nearly as much, but I still miss that motivation. So I joined the other writing group I knew. That group is a bit more social, making actual writing difficult to do, but it helps in other areas I feel. They only meet on Tuesdays, however, but not today due to various schedule issues.

But still, I am writing!

Everlasting Update

Word Count: 112,688

So really only a thousand word difference since the last update. Which means I got exactly one thousand words written in the last three weeks. That is slightly disheartening. Although I know that most of my time has been eaten up by either Free Write or laziness. I should remove one of those. I wonder which one…

Everlasting writing went well today. I did some small editing on the scene I was writing, which was bad, but mostly to let myself get into the head of my characters again. The scene evolved from my outline, as it normally does, but I still got the endpoint that I wanted. We were in the sewers again with our mechanical lady, our hidden antagonist, and a kick ass old lady, who started kicking ass again unexpectedly. The entire scene ended in a cliffhanger, which amuses me.

It also lead into the next scene which had our would be hero doing science-y stuff. This helped me create some new notes for my story: 1. My main scientist character needs more motivation and personality. It isn’t enough that he needs to save everybody, he needs a reason to want to. So in my editing I may focus on playing up what his scientific goals were before the zombie apocalypse. Maybe something like reviving the dead? That sounds mad science-y right? 2. I need to do more search on general scientific lab equipment, their general uses in chemistry and biology, and then come up with Everlasting’s equivalent. I made note of this for my research sessions after this draft.

Other Works

Free Write

Still have my buffer, slightly. Need to sit down one of these weekends and write a better buffer.


No work done.


No work done.

So that’s it for me. Next time I’ll try posting more than once a month.


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