Writing Time: Everlasting #43

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Writing Sessions

Word Count: 1,033

Today’s writing session was pretty easy. I worked on Everlasting and I seem to have gotten into the habit of writing on it at least once a week, which is good. I’m hitting over a thousand words per writing session. Distractions are mostly minimal although I need to look into getting to a habit of writing whenever I’m not really busy or wanting to do something in particular. Maybe that way I’ll update more!

I have been writing, even if I haven’t been updating. You’ll see that in the word counts below. Writing Sessions have been a small group of Steph and Ryan on Tuesdays and just myself on Thursdays. I should schedule another weekend of short story writing.

Everlasting Update

Word Count: 116,500

So a little less than two thousand words. That was mostly written in the last two weeks. Those are actual usable words. I’ve also been doing writing on the outline to try to get myself to some semblance of an ending and also I came up with (I think) an interesting zombie mythology that will distinguish this particular apocalypse from others. Of course it means completely re-writing major parts of the draft right now but hey, we were already going to do that right?

Free Write

Free Write almost had a hiccup a small while back in that I didn’t write any stories but kept working on a short story. That however, was made piece meal into four parts so I could put it on Free Write. I think that worked well. Since then I’ve gotten better about outputting one piece of fiction a week. I need to remind myself that Free Write isn’t about making a complete story but just writing. So the format for Free Write my change soon. Perhaps implementing windows for characters from Everlasting. If I limit my these windows to 250 words or so, so I don’t end up taking too long with them. The advantage is that you’ll get to see my characters as they flesh themselves out more.

In case you don’t know what a window is, it is a technique where in you write a small scene with a particular a character to get a feel for how they’d react in that situation. Mundane stuff like going shopping, or dealing with an irate customer, or something similar. The idea is that each of your characters should react differently enough to be distinct characters.

Other Works


No work done. Still needs to be edited.


No work done.


No work done (that I remember).

So that’s from me!


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