Writing Time: NaNoWriMo 2012 #9, Monster Hunters #9

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Word Count: 5,257 [3]
Total Word Count: 36,966 (Delta: +292)
Remaining: 13,034

So I have been writing. Just not updating. Well save for right now. For those of you in the US, happy Thanksgiving Day. I managed to get some writing done today but not as much as I would have liked, as I suspect I wont’ be writing much over the weekend, but I’m going to try to make that up tomorrow. Today’s writing wasn’t nearly as smooth as the last two day’s. I decided to make a major retcon of the amount of information my main character has but I didn’t go back to edit all that out. So good for me.

Monster Hunters

This is not the book I set out to write. It’s not a bad story but it isn’t what I set out to write. This, if I keep it going as is, is going to be something completely different. I’m still seemingly writing intro stuff to my main plot thirty-six thousand words in. That makes for an epic not a novel. Whoops. Ah well. I suspect this story will be shelved in favor of Everlasting for a while anyway.

Writing Buddies

Two of my writing buddies are doing awesome with their novels. LacyJae is already way ahead of me at 46,000 words. She has been seriously knocking it out the past few days. I suggest going to take a look at her stats page to see how she was behind until she pulled ahead. Way to go LacyJae! The other mention is CinsAngel who has an amazing 48,655 and who will likely win in a couple of days. Congrats to you!

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