Aaron Sorkin on the misogyny of The Social Network

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I haven’t reviewed The Social Network, not because I didn’t like it. I consider it a movie on par with Scott Pilgrim, and we all have seen how much I blogged about Scott Pilgrim, and definitely a better movie, in a certain way, than Inception.

As some of you may know, both films, Scott Pilgrim and The Social Network, are sometimes poked at for having primarily misogynist views of women through out the film. Aaron Sorkin, the writer for The Social Network, has supposedly commented on the his film’s misogyny via a blogpost which I will share in the following link.

Aaron Sorkin responds to a commenter in my blog on kenlevine.blogspot.com

I can’t verify if this was indeed Aaron Sorkin, but the blog writer believes so.

Sp having read it, I wonder if similar points could not be made for Scott Pilgrim. Although realizing that Scott Pilgrim is a completely fictional world. And unlike what Aaron constantly tries to reassure us, the manga it is based off of portrays women in a very realistic light, rather than a mostly negative or non-human perception. So I am not so sure but perhaps a little bit? In Scott Pilgrim we have two main characters, Scott, who gives us our primary vision of the world, and Ramona, who is explained to be somewhat soul searching, throughout the film, as we discover her past through her “evil”-ex’s that Scott has to fight, which is why she is portrayed as being hesitant throughout the film, well except for in her sexuality.

I guess it comes down to the old point of: When do we allow for misogyny themes/view points in fictional and semi-fictional worlds and when do we not?

What do you guys think?

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