Free Write #61: Schooling

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Welcome to Free Writing! Quick fiction written for entertainment purposes. This week we have another piece of flash fiction. We’re continuing the story from the last few weeks. So if you haven’t read the others, click here to see them all. Enjoy!

By Nojh Livic

Prime had been a scientist for a majority of the cycles that he had been active. There was a brief stint during his first hectically where he tried performing arts but it hadn’t worked out to any body’s satisfaction. The appeal of science, for Prime, was the quiet sense of adventure. Science was rarely full of excitement. Most breakthroughs were not made quickly in any field of science and in planetary science, Prime’s particular specialty, the act of data collecting took could take gigacycles for a planet the size of Earth. Prime was used to taking its time when making performing science.

Paul had less than a quarter of a cycle.

“Look is there anything you can tell me about your shell? What it is? What it’s physical and chemical qualities are?” Paul asked, his tone agitated. He was pacing back and forth in front of the container, which Prime was not settled inside. It was agreed that he should remain in his re-entry form until after the inspection of the general the solider had warned Paul about. This required interrupting the tests that Paul had been running on a piece of Prime’s chassis, however, which created a brand new problem. Paul had nothing to present to the general.

“I may have learned your language quick but I still do not know enough of your language to be able to explain the science concepts,” Prime said, having reconfigured his re-entry shell enough to allow him to vibrate his outer chassis and simulate a voice. It was cruder and less human than his other form’s voice, but Paul seemed able to understand him fine. “Plus there are laws and guidelines about sharing information with new sentient species. I do not know these laws but I know they exist.”

“Look I need something. Theories! Ideas. Nothing I did made a mark on your shell, yet you’re able to take it apart and re-assemble it with ease. It has to be some type of molecular technology right?”

“Define molecular?” Prime ask, to which Paul only exhaled loudly and stomped over to an opposite counter. He pointed at the periodic table of elements that was on the wall, one of the original info graphics that aided Prime in learning English.

“That is a list of all the elements. Combinations of these make molecules. Molecular technology would be technology which could do this artificially at the atomic scale,” Paul explained quickly and with elevated volume, which was likely another sign of agitation. Prime was learning that humans had quiet a library of behaviors that communicated agitation.

“Yes. It is like that. The shell is a molecule composed of several of those elements, plus a several that do not appear to be described in your info graphic,” Prime stated. Paul stared at Prime’s container for a moment, then once again exhaled loudly. His entire body appeared to deflate slightly, but then he emitted a slight chuckle.

“Okay. Okay I think I can work with that. Please point out the elements used,” Paul said. Prime picked the ones that best fit the molecular makeup of its outer shell based upon the characteristics the info graphic described. Some elements did not match exactly and Prime also pointed out these discrepancies. Together they discovered the basic atomic composition of Prime’s effective skin, in terms that could be explained in a human science school.

Paul was in the middle of writing his report when the general arrived.

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