Free Write #65: Alliances

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Welcome to Free Writing! Quick fiction written for entertainment purposes. This week we have another piece of flash fiction. We’re continuing the story from the last few weeks. So if you haven’t read the others, click here to see them all. Enjoy!

By Nojh Livic

Prime’s visual sensors began relaying data before any of its other internal systems. It was in mid leap between the female human and Prime’s own container. It was also in the middle of reconfiguring its frame, which had previously resembled the female’s necklace and now partially resembled a form not unlike Prime’s own bipedal configuration, except with sharper edges and what looked to be a sub-plasma tactical welding laser forming in what would be its chest, already beginning to glow.

As Prime’s audio sensors activated, it realized that the humans in the room were alarmed. Paul was doing his usual screaming. The warrior cast humans were also emitting disorganized sounds of surprise. Prime could see the female human, who did not at all seem surprised that her adornments were coming to life. Prime did not hear or see the general but there was a high probability he was still in the room.

Tactical and strategic analysis were given processing time almost immediately, along with a separate process for designing a more robust combat form, or at least designing some weaponry that would not lower Prime’s defensive capabilities. It didn’t need simulations to know that it was at a serious disadvantage and escape was the best option.

The attacker landed against the container and its claws immediately began peeling away strips of container’s outer layer. It immediate a high-pitched screech which Prime immediately recognized as a war cry. A very old and distinct war cry that it did not have time to consider as its attacker’s laser activated.

Welding lasers are coherent beams of light intended to heat up particular classes of metal to degrees high enough to enact a phase change, either from solid to liquid or solid to gas. They were relatively low energy weapons when compared to battle class coherent light beams which would skip the liquid and gas phases all together and simply go straight to plasma. Plasma was problematic from a defensive stand point as it was not easily reconstituted by repair systems unlike gases and liquids. As it was, Prime’s current outer shell was designed to withstand high amounts of heat and force in order to survive falling through a relatively thick planetary atmosphere. Plus it was shiny. So the laser fired from the attacker shot straight through the container’s view port with minimal refection, and instead refracted and reflected off of Prime’s surface, scattering throughout the container. This imparted heat into Prime but not nearly enough to accrue any damage. Instead the reflected welding laser beams ate away at the inner layers of the container, a few beams succeeding in shooting through the container in the room.

Outside the humans reacted to this in different ways. The two warriors moved towards the container, one of them pushing the female back while the other trained its projectile weapon on Prime’s attacker and began to fire it. Paul was still yelling but it had become more distressed and the general was now in view, barking orders to the two warriors to stop firing their weapons.

The general, was therefor, in some sort of alliance with Prime’s attacker. Prime was certain this piece of information would change things considerably. When this variable was inputed into the tactical and strategic simulations the strategic simulation resolved almost immediately with an objective Prime had not expected. Worse it wasn’t sure it would be able to succeed in this objective.

Long term survival rested in not only escaping, but escaping with Paul.

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