Free Write #68: Introduction

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Welcome to Free Writing! Quick fiction written for entertainment purposes. This week we have another piece of flash fiction. We’re continuing the story from the last few weeks. So if you haven’t read the others, click here to see them all. Enjoy!

We’re getting close to the end folks. Just a reminder Free Write will be going on hiatus after this story concludes.

By Nojh Livic

“That is well above your security clearance, doctor. Put the gun down,” the general ordered, turning to face Paul, who kept it level on the man. Prime continued to use the female human as a shield against the robotic assassin by holding onto her neck and pointing an arm mounted laser at her ear. The assassin had previously been camouflaged as a fashion accessory around the woman’s neck and Prime stifled a laugh as it considered how the two had effectively traded places.

“No. You put your gun down!” Paul shouted, nodding to the two warriors who were sitting on the floor, one of which appeared unconscious, the other reaching for his rifle. Paul was Prime’s only human friend on the planet. Right now he was being an incredible asset to Prime’s existence by threatening his employers with a weapon, after his boss had brought in another human to replace him and inadvertently smuggled in the assassin. The two warriors sitting on the floor were injured from laser fire that Prime and the assassin had exchanged. Both were obviously suffering from confusion. One put his gun down immediately. The other had no weapon in hand. There was one last human in the room. An assistant to the general, who was only armed with a flat tablet like device. This man was hiding behind the warriors.

The general took a step closer to Paul. “Now son-”

“Please refrain from intimidation maneuvers. Refrain from closing to combat distance with Paul,” Prime warned in English. To make its point, it fired a low intensity laser past the general’s line of vision, over his shoulder. The general froze mid-step, then took a step back. It seemed the general could not tell the difference in laser intensity. Prime’s two lasers was considerably less powerful than the assassin’s torso mounted welding laser but they were far more precise.

“I just want to know what is going on. That thin-ahhh!” Paul cried out as the assassin disengaged from its staring contest with Prime and leapt at Paul. While prime only had one blade extended from its alternate arm, the assassin’s frame contained numerous sharp edges and spikes. Prime had time to fire its more powerful arm laser but that would impart no force with which to deflect the attacker from its path and Prime was too far across the room to attempt its own interception. It fired its laser anyway, scoring a hit across the robot’s shoulder and head. It was an incredibly impressive and lucky shot by Prime’s own personal standards, which admittedly were not very high.

Paul, despite his cry, whipped the project weapon he held in two hands towards his attacker, and fired off three projectiles in rapid succession. The first two missed but the third struck the assassin right in the head. While this alone might not have done significant damage, combined with the heat imparted from Prime’s laser, the projectile actually penetrated the assassin’s frame. Once past the outer armor, it began to bleed off its velocity inside the robot’s frame, unable to escape due to the same armor which had protected it. This force threw the robot jerkily to the ground at Paul’s feet where it did not move.

Several things happened at once. First most of the humans cringed visibly as the shots from the projectile echoed loudly in the room, reaching up re flexibly to cover their ears. The general ignored this and chose to strike at Paul, performing a graceful maneuver which unarmed him and put the projectile weapon back in the general’s possession. The human female also ignored the sound but instead unfroze and let out a cry that likely indicated pain. At the same time she reached up and ripped off the small electronic device she wore on her ear and threw it away from her. Prime’s vantage point allowed him to observe red fluid leak from her ear.

“Doctor Nguyen. You are under arrest-” the general began, however he was turning to face Prime and the woman.

“General. Stop,” the woman gasped. “Please. You must listen quickly before they re-assert control. The robot. We didn’t make it. They invad-”

There was another loud explosion and the female began to fall over, forcing Prime to leap away from her to the table. Two more shots followed Prime to the table but Prime simply stood it’s ground and hunched down, to maximize its armor’s coverage of its entire body. The previously unconscious warrior had awakened and retrieved his weapon and was now firing it at Prime. Prime only had limited contact with humans but the warrior’s expression was not one Prime had observed previously. The man’s mouth was open and his eyes did not seem to be tracking Prime despite his excellent aim.

“Cease fire!” The general ordered. When the solider did not respond but continued to fire at Prime, the general shot his weapon at the man, who jerked and then quickly shutdown. “What the hell is going on here!?” the general demanded. The other warrior did not respond, only staring at his ally. The assistant shook his head and was patting his ears.

“We have common enemy, general,” Prime said, standing up to its full height of a little over a foot and a half. “The enemy appears to have reconfigured your allies.” The general turned to look at Prime but this time did not raise his weapon. Prime decided this was the best time to introduce itself.

“Human designated general Will White. I am designated Prime by your ally, Doctor Paul Nguyen. I am a scientist of the third rank of the Seekers of Knowledge, of the race Many Frames, originally from a planet that was once located in a neighboring galaxy. I feel I must point out that these names are the best English translation I can vocalize.”

The remaining conscious humans just stared at the robot.


Some minor notes. Prior in this story I had rifles firing in a small room with people who were not wearing wear protection. I did not write them reacting correctly. Free Writes are rough first drafts so this kind of mistake is going to happen, however I opted to fix it in this entry, rather than continue the myth that guns can be fired without hurting the ears. Guns are loud!

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