Writing Time: Everlasting #51, Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 #4 (Day 7)

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Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013

Session Count: 2,448
Word Total:
 8,035 (delta: +1,035)

So I actually did today’s writing in two small sessions. One in the morning and one after lunch. I got a package in the mail of some stuff I ordered that I told myself I wouldn’t open until I got at least two thousand words. That really seemed to help motivate. Writing was also actually a little easier when I didn’t have an entire work day behind me but only a little. Now I’m a little over one thousand words ahead of my goal. So yay for a buffer!

Everlasting Update

Word Count: 129,466

Today’s scenes with the other two plot lines who aren’t quiet near the climax that the other one is. Or the penultimate climax I suppose. But they were far easier scenes to write. I’ve been thinking about Everlasting, and I suspect I’ve had this revelation before, but I’ve really been writing three novels at once. The three plot lines have characters that rarely ever interact, save at the beginning and end of the novel. I suspect my first real edit through of story content will be to perhaps write each plot line linearly, rather than writing each scene, to make it flow well. With the breaks I’ve taken between writing, and switching between scenes, I’m sure I have tons of continuity errors. Especially with people’s injuries.

So I need to plot all the major plot points which effect all three groups (major events that happen to the city) and then write each plot line linearly. I might even write each character point of view for every scene. That’s a lot of extra writing, since I’ll want to vary the POV, but it might be useful. I’m not sure. I’ve always wondered if maybe what I’m writing isn’t a novel but a series of short stories or novellas about what happened to people during one major event.

But for now, I just gotta keep writing till the end.

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