Writing Time: Writing Time: Everlasting #55, Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013 #8 (Day N/A)

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Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013

Session Count: 3,406
Word Total:
 16,732 (delta: -13,268)

So today is the last day and obviously if you’ve looked at my numbers I’m nowhere near my goal. Do not be sad. I resigned myself to not reaching my goal a week or so ago. It was a conscious decision, mostly. I got a little anti-motivated after a few scenes, and then I was busy on the weekends. I decided it wasn’t worth the stress. So this will be my official second failed NaNo related project, but I got fifty percent of the way there and made some great progress on Everlasting. So it was totally worth it. I’ll likely be doing a Novel in Ninety Days, which is a more low-key than NaNoWriMo, only requiring seven hundred and fifty words a day.

Everlasting Update

Word Count: 138,163

So I am running out of outline for one of my major storylines. The one involving the airship, which is the least planned of all the storylines as it is. None of the storylines have a full outline, so I think that is what I will concentrate on before I start novel in ninety. That’ll be my goal for May 15th. Whee. Otherwise Everlasting is going well. One scene in particular really wrote itself rather quickly. Another broke me for about two days and then suddenly worked. Not sure what I’m suppose to take away from that though.

Other Works

Everlasting Windows

On hiatus going on shelved until I get Everlasting done and start editing, at least a year for now. So I’ll go ahead and officially say it is shelved.

Free Write

Regular. I’m wrapping it up and putting it into hiatus once Disguise finishes up, which will likely be in a few weeks, in order to better focus on finishing up Everlasting.



No work done. Still needs to be edited.


No work done.


No work done.

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