Writing Time: Everlasting #67, NaNoWriMo 2013 #7

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Writing Session

Word Count: 4,158

Yup. That’s all from one single writing session. Because I was bad and didn’t write a single word while I was out-of-town. Honestly, I’m glad I didn’t, because the scene that I wrote today was amazingly smooth and I don’t think it would have been had I tried to write it while surrounded by people and horribly distracted. As it was I was in my usual spot with no real distractions and just pounded out about half of the world. The other half came more slowly as I switched two a second less fleshed out scene but even was I wrote that I found meaning in the choices I made in the outlining portion, which made me happy.

It is also an impressive word count in and of itself, in my opinion, for a single session writing. Of course I switched to the actual novel-writing itself, which is far easier than outlining I think, when you have an outline.

NaNoWriMo 2013

Days Since Update: 3
Delta: +4,158
Daily Average: +1,386

Prime Delta: -1,776
Word Count: 16,557
Remaining: 33,443

So despite my amazing word count, I’m still a little over a day behind, which is fine. I made up for almost two days in one three-hour session. So I think I’ll be fine. The beginning of this NaNo was rough. I was still effectively brainstorming and making up as I go along. Now that I’m following my previous ideas, this is going to be a much smoother ride.

Why do I feel the need to put on shades?

Buddy Watch

Lets see how my friends are doing!

It seems like almost everybody is smack dab right in the middle between yesterday and today, suggesting either they had a hard time this weekend as well, or some people just haven’t updated for the day yet. Either way chimera116CinsAngelSithwitch13 are all sitting pretty at above seventeen thousand. Keep it up guys!

MightyMur is lagging behind about as much as I have been, but knowing her she is still adding to her count each day and is waiting to burst ahead. LacyJae and Jeana_Beana are still our furthest behind. Come on guys! Just a few sprints ahead and you’ll be caught up!

Everlasting Update

Novel Word Count: 142,278 (+4,115)
Outline Word Count: 36,582 (-366)

So today marks the first day I’ve written in my novel proper in well over a few months. The energy of having a complete outline definitely carried me for the first two or three thousand words. I wrote an entire scene between Marla, Duke Hugh, and Duchess Quellams that flowed nicely and added ideas to their characters. I even expanded Marla’s past a little and fleshed out Susan nel Hugh, who is slotted to be a major minor character in several scenes, something I might not have known about without my outline.

The following scene I started but have yet to finish was a Tigh scene that I felt at the start needed to be a Carlos scene. However Carlos has been hogging the lime light a lot over the past few scenes, so I forced a Tigh view-point and I’m happy to say it worked. I’ll get Carlos’ recap when we get back to him but we got some nice introspective commentary about Tigh and his amnesia while watching others kill zombies with giant mechanic armor. Even hinted at why Sleepy has a mechanical arm! Not sure if I’ll keep that part though.


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