Writing Time: Everlasting #69, NaNoWriMo 2013 #9

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Writing Session

Word Count: 3,406 (2)

Today’s writing session, as yesterday’s writing session, was done at my usual spot. I’ve been very diligent not to fall behind this week, so I can use this coming weekend to really try to knock this novel off its feet, like I did last weekend. Writing session went quickly, although not as quickly as I might have liked. I ended yesterday by splitting a scene I hadn’t intended to split, which made writing today a little slow as I invented some content. To be fair my outline is a little loose in this section, so I was likely to slow down anyway. But I’m chugging away at it. At this rate I might actually be done with the novel before the end of the year!

NaNoWriMo 2013

Days Since Update: 2
Delta: +3,406
Daily Average: +1,703

Prime Delta: +643
Word Count: 32,309
Remaining: 17,691

So NaNo is going awesomely thanks to outlining. Reaching one thousand six hundred and sixty-seven words per day seems to be a pretty easy task when I know what I’m planning to write about, even if I’m deviating from outline. Writing every day still requires some effort and sacrifice I’m not sure I’ll be able to maintain post NaNo, but we’ll see.

Buddy Watch

As usual, chimera116CinsAngel, are leading the charge, with Sithwitch13 quickly following up. I find it strange that I’m actually in the lead but I happen to know for sure that at least the first two aren’t always updating, much like myself. Still keep it up!

Everlasting Update

Novel Word Count: 158,030 (+3,406)
Outline Word Count: 36,662 (+23) 

Two scenes down, neither of them very spectacular but they move the plot along. Main characters who had never interacted before are now meeting for the first time. The two major drivers of the plot are starting to combine forces. It feels forced, and it is, but that is something I’ll fix in editing. For now, I find it thrilling how close I am to the end, if a little surprising how I’m still learning more about my characters, so many words in.


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