Writing Time: Everlasting #74, NaNoWrimo #14 (Win!)

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Writing Session

Word Count: 3,938

And done! … I’d drop the mic but my friend CinsAngel already did that on twitter, so I figured it’d be a little anti-climatic.

So my winning NaNoWriMo 2013 writing session was done at my usual spot, a restaurant/bakery. I did breakfast with my girlfriend who then lovingly left me alone so I could finishing writing. This session was neither hard nor a breeze. I did have to fight a little here and there to not be lazy and just read webcomics, but I did take an extended break at a thousand words and somewhere around three thousand words. Knowing that I was close to finishing was really motivating, unsurprisingly.

NaNoWriMo 2013

Days Since Update: 2
Delta: +3938
Daily Average: +1,969

Prime Delta: +738
Word Count: 50,410
Remaining: -410

I have now won NaNoWriMo four years in a row! I don’t really feel like tooting my own horn, except that I kind of do. I didn’t have the usual motivators this year that I normally did. The idea of keeping this consecutive chain of NaNo wins going was definitely a motivator this year. Honestly I’m rather proud. I don’t know anyone who has done NaNo and won four years in a row. I’m 4 and 1.5 so far. I say 1.5 because I failed my first year, and I failed this past summer, in which I set a 25k goal. I failed this past summer due to lack of a motivating group, or so I thought at the time.

This year I didn’t really have a group either. Most of my writing group friends had recently completed Novel In 90 and were not actively participating in NaNoWriMo, with the exception of the newest addition, chimera116. I didn’t setup regular writing sessions with anyone like I had previous years. I didn’t read any of the motivational emails from NaNo or even listen to writing podcasts during my novel. I discussed word counts CinsAngel and my girlfriend, who were both very supportive, but I’m starting to think this NaNo signifies a level up for me as a writer. I don’t need others to be motivated to write, I just need a goal.

Speaking of goals, Everlasting still isn’t done. Check out below to see what I mean.

Writing Buddies

CinsAngel finished two days ago, to which we should all applaud! Good job CinsAngel! I am incredibly impressed. chimera116 is very, very close, and I’m hoping for an update today or early tomorrow denoting a win. Keep at it chimera116! For everybody else, good job. As I’ve been saying, it isn’t how many words you wrote but that you attempted to write them at all. Motivation helps build habit. Keep trying, in and our of NaNo. Soon you may not find yourself needing nearly as much motivation to keep it going, like I did this year.

Everlasting Update

Novel Word Count: 176,111 (+3,923)
Outline Word Count: 36,654 (+0)

So yeah. This novel isn’t ending before 200k. I’ve added nearly thirty thousand words to the draft and twenty thousand words to the outline but the outline is done. What I’ve added to the draft deviates from the outline, of course, but not by much, and I’ve been keeping myself from re-writing. I’ll being doing so as I write the rest of this novel but even so, I see another twenty thousand words in my outline easily. So my first novel is going to ben over 200k. What insanity, eh?


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