Writing Time: Everlasting #76

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Writing Session

Word Count: 1,045

Today’s writing session was pretty quick and easy. Not a lot to report. I got to a thousand words pretty quickly a the usual writing spot. I only took a few breaks while writing. I think that the break thing is a habit I’m going to try to break, but I do know that goes away more often when I have an exciting well thought out scene. Today’s scene wasn’t completely thought out to the level of detail I would like but I’ve gotten it mostly written.

I do think I am suffering a little from the “Am I good enough?” issues while writing. I’m seeing the scenes not coming out the way I like. I know such things can be fixed during editing but looking at the dialog and realizing the character isn’t saying the words I want them to say in the manner by which they would say them makes it hard not to sit down and edit. So I guess this is also an inner editor problem, although not really a problem as I’m not editing, but more of a discouragement since I’m not letting myself edit. Hmm.

Everlasting Update

Novel Word Count: 178,121 (+2,010)
Outline Word Count: 36,744 (+8)

So apart of the editing process for this novel will be coming up with better science/magic. I have a society of steampunk technology and another of mystical capability, and neither have a full understanding of genetics, viruses, and sub-atomic particles. Developing the language they use to discuss certain topics rationally I think will be a big part of making certain “mad science” scenes work in this novel, but I didn’t do enough research or pre-planning for that. So it is something to take note.



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