Writing Time: Everlasting #77

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Writing Session(s)

Word Count: 258

Happy New Year! I did almost no writing over the holidays. Prior to the holidays I did some writing on a new design project, which I’ll talk about below. Today as the first normal writing session of the new year where I wasn’t on vacation. I’m going to be trying the two hundred and fifty words per day method of finishing Everlasting, although yesterday I opted for my words to count towards working on Weird Words and doing blog updates. Today I obviously reached the goal and I might write some more after this post is done.

Everlasting Update

Novel Word Count: 178,379 (+258)
Outline Word Count: 36,744 (+0)

Doing small updates is interesting. I finished off a scene I had previously written, which was a nice natural stopping point. Honestly writing 250 words is easy as long as I sit down to do it, which I guess is the point. The scene written was the beginning of the abbreviated romantic arc I have between two characters where they are having a disagreement. I, of course, am having second thoughts if the storyline will actually work, but inner editor can suck it! Huzzah!

Editing & Critiques

Currently not editing or critiquing anything.

New Projects

Magic the Gathering Organizer

So little to no work has been done on this, which is somewhat my fault. I think it’ll be on hiatus.

Unnamed Board Game codename Platform

New project. I was inspired by a kickstarter that I won’t reveal to design a board game. I’m not going to reveal many details about it for now but I will be working on it.

Other Works

Free Write – Hiatus.

Station – Waiting to be edited.

Matrix – Hiatus.

Gerald – Waiting to be continued.

Reconfigure – Waiting to be turned into an actual short story.


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