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Chapter 5: A new companion in the Dark Forest

Your eyes narrow to conspiritial slits and you reply, “For I think that is where the evil bunny dentists are, and long ago I swore my revenge upon them. I’m sure those same dentists that tend to the long sharp bunny fangs also gave teeth to that red winged gopher back there.” to your tiny companion. You then begin to peer around the entrance to the forest, attempting to discern a less obvious entrance.

The aqua army man nods his head slowly. “Oh evil bunny dentists huh? That’s quiet a quest. It is a quest right? Because I don’t think you’re allowed to enact revenge upon a group without an official quest on your character card.” You can feel the tiny aqua man decide to sit down on your shoulder now as you wander around the area. Your feet crunch a few leaves and sticks as you pass by one of the huge ugly trees when you suddenly step down on something distinctly not dirt, leaf, or tree. Below your foot you find a wooden trap door, half covered in leaves.

[Found: Secret Passage: Trap Door Edition.]

Current Points of Interest
There is an aqua army man sitting on your shoulder.
Obvious Exits
North – Into the Dark Forest
Up – Back up the mountain where you came from

Quick Links

(As a bonus I’m including the current character card without a command request, for new players.)
+=======Master Jim… Brown of the Queen’s Assinators Servants======+
* Adventuring Class: Corrigible Sex Master
* Level: 0
* Homeland: Ünderland, North Dakota
* Race: Ünderlandian
Adventuring Stats
Sanity: 4.82
Awesomeness: 1.43
Paranoia: -2.9
Randomness: 0.316
Inventory: 3.32
Rudeness: 4.21
Soul: -0.2
Body: 1.145
Special Powers
* CHOP: Lethal with chopsticks at exactly 400 yards.
* SHIV: Galactic champion of shivving macramé.
* REAVE: Ability to wrench souls back from the after life and place them in bodies where they must recite the entire works of Mr. William Shakespeare from memory or perform underwater basket weaving.
* ANTI-SINISTRALTURNER: Unable to turn left.
* BABYSHOES: Unable to tie shoelaces. Can only wear boots & sandals.
* Crush my (unspecified) enemies, see them driven before me, and
hear the lamentation of the evil bunny dentists.
Health & Condition
Temporarily Blinded Left Eye
Scratch Level 1
* Annoyed the character generator/newbie greeter. 5 points
* Gopher Kabobo – Skewered a gopher with a chopstick. 1 point.
* Show Necromancy: Raised the dead while dancing to Thriller in a thematic fashion.
* Between the Eyes – Chopsticked an enemy between the eyes.
* Loot the body! – Checked a body for loot
* More Then Meets the Eye – Searched an area for exits beyond just the obvious and succeeded.

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