Random World: The Adventure Game (Chapter 5)

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Last time on Random World…

(Just so you know, there was a error and you guys missed an achievement announcement even though your card was updated. Here is the announcement:

[Achievement: More Then Meets the Eye – Searched an area for exits beyond just the obvious and succeeded.])

Chapter 5: A new companion in the Dark Forest

“Ah ha! A Trap Door. Obviously, it is a trap.” you declare to your aqua colored companion knowingly. Despite this declaration, you lift your foot and bring it down hard on the wooden floor door that is likely trapped.

“Well that makes sense.” the aqua army man on your shoulder states. Then he blinks in surprise as you bring your foot down on the Trap Door. The wood creeks for a brief half of a second, and then gives way. Gravity, having no sense of humor, decides to continue exerting itself and your foot falls down into the hole, followed by the rest of you.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..” the aqua army man says as he loses his perch on your shoulder and falls through the trap. There is a brief flash pale blue of light and he stops screaming and falls into darkness.

You, on the other hand, find your leg dangling into the whole, while body keeps you from falling fully in. It is a painful half split position you find yourself in, and to make things worse, after the flash of light, you loose all feeling (and control over) your dangling leg.

[Gained: Injury: Numb left leg.]

Current Points of Interest
Not much…
Obvious Exits
North – Into the Dark Forest.
Up – Back up the mountain where you came from.
Trap Door – A Wooden Trap door near one of the trees framing the entrance of the Dark Forest.
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