NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 11 / Zombie Steampunk #26

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Word Count: 25,073 (Delta: +2,627 [1]) (Prime Delta: +5,069)


Today was a bit of a hiccup. You may have seen a prior post introducing Zoe. Well Zoe got fixed today and, being a first time pet owner, I didn’t realize that I would need to keep and eye on her for 48 hours just to make sure things were okay. This meant I couldn’t make my daily writing group and it means the write-in I planned for my writing group tomorrow, I can’t attend either.

Yeah whoops.

I found writing in my own apartment to be rather hard. Even though I was starting mid-scene  I was getting easily distracted. Far cry from going to a coffee shop for writing. That is an issue I will have to overcome to continue writing, obviously.

But hey. Half way there and several days ahead of schedule. Yeah I’m tooting my own but compared to last year, this is serious improvement. So I’m allowed.

Zombie Steampunk Update

So I think I’m still having problems with third person limited. Tigh’s introduction is borderline first person and I think I broke person more and once. Something to worry about later. Thats the motto right? So Tigh is awake! And yet to be named Tigh! I deviated a bit from the outline in order to establish more of the environment with Carlos’ interrogation scene. He starts out in the hospital, rather than when he walks into the room. Allowed me to establish that the hospital was overrun with hurt soldiers and also how the battle is going. I invented this idea of battle dispatches. Officials who watch the battle to make sure people are following the rules also write up what is effectively a news letter. These are printed and distributed in an insanely efficient manner.

Not sure how realistic this is but maybe I’ll let them have typewriters.

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,306 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 7,936 Words (Delta +279)
Character Information: 2,585 Words (Delta +0)
Current Outline: 5,780  Words (Delta +38)
Draft: 25,073 Words (Delta: +2,627)
Grand Total: 42,680Words (Delta +2,944)

Zombie Steampunk Excerpt

Carlos had never been to a hospital during a Battle before however he did not believe that what he was seeing was normal. The entire main hallway of the Spirit’s Mercy was lined with wheel beds and chairs, all of them with casualties. He had supposed that Spirit’s Mercy was so far removed from the battle that they would not get very many but unless the hospital had some special arrangement with the army corps of medics, the number of soliders he was seeing meant that the triage tents were getting overrun. Some of the wounds were enough to call a medic but hardly enough to get sent to a hospital. Cuts and brusing. Battle dressing was everywhere. A few soliders tried to slaute the knight as he walked slowly back to Doctor Pulmer’s office but he quickly disuaded them of that.

He told everyone conscious enough to hear that they had done their faction proud, and to conserve their energy. He had almost said Patroits but he had noticed a few consortium soliders sitting in chairs towards the back where most of them had been placed. This was met with a lethargic but still welcoming chorus of words. After that Carlos strode quickly to get out of the way of the nurses and the one particularly loud doctor who was ordering everyone else about. He was an older looking man, perhaps a little pudgey, and balding. The nurses were not exactly quick to span to his orders but they did respond to them. He was must have been Doctor Winchester, the doctor who replaced Sylvia.

Night guys.


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