NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 12 / Zombie Steampunk #27

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Word Count: 30,935 (Delta: +5,862 [1]) (Prime Delta: +9,264)

Wow. Nearly six thousand words in one day in my own home. Now that was something. Luckily one of my writing group came over for my semi defunct write-in, which helped keep me focus. But I did reward myself perhaps a little too early with a lot of Rockband 2.

Still, five thousand eight hundred and sixty two words. I had the idea of actually trying to write about eight hundred more but yeah no. I’ll save that for tomorrow. The idea is to get so far ahead that if I take off most of the week next week, I won’t get behind.  As it is I’m about a week ahead, so I’m sitting good. I’m still going to try and write about two to three days worth tomorrow, just to be sure.

Writing Advice

I really do think outlining is essential. I spent about a half an hour updating my outline after I finished writing today. A fact I’m sure will show up in my Zombie Steampunk Update later in this post. I had a new idea for one of the characters and ended up fleshing it out. I think it’ll make the novel a bit more dynamic in how the characters interact. Extended a few scenes and cut one or two large ones into smaller chunks. How interesting can I make three people stuck on a roof be? Well. We’ll see. Characterization ahoy!

I think outlining isn’t enough to get a good novel written but it’s enough to get that first draft done. By the end you’ll have a feel for the characters and you can write up better bios about them, give them tags and quirks, that you can write in at a later edit. Or so I hope.

Zombie Steampunk Update

The plot is revealed! Well the inciting incident. Is it sad that my inciting incident only really starts about 30,000 words in? Is that too long? Scrivener is reporting that that is about 90 pages into a paperback. I know this is a question I shouldn’t worry about till editing but it is still kinda bothering me.

What it does tell me is that I’m totally not completing my full outline in under 50,000 words. I think I may have mentioned that a friend of mine stated that my outline was too long and I should consider cutting it in half. At this rate I may do that just so I have something to edit later. Turn my entire freeing of Qualsburg into a two book story? Will be people be satisfied with an escaped bad guy and zombies running around the town, as long as the heroes are more or less safe and secure and the main badguy (although not the ultimate badguy) is dead in a spectacular fashion? We’ll see.

Well 30,000 words in, and its the first time the word zombie has been used in the entire book.

So I need some help. In this world a year is called a cycle. Can anyone think up a good word for 10 cycles, or a 100 cycles?

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,330 Words (Delta +24)
World Setting: 8,134 Words (Delta +198)
Character Information: 2,592 Words (Delta +7)
Current Outline: 6,331 Words (Delta +551)
Draft: 30,935  Words (Delta: +5,862)
Grand Total: 49,322 Words (Delta +6,642)

Zombie Steampunk Excerpt

“Mister Warlam?” A voice asked and Lee blinked. The extravangently dressed Count stood in front of him, two servants flanking him. Lee looked around as the count asked him name again. It seemed he had lost track of time somehow. Some of the guests were behind the Count, looking at another set who stood in the center of the balcony. Behind him he could see servants restraining other guests. Some were even prone. Lee looked at the count in confusion.

“I asked if you are with me, Mister Warlam. Will you help us make a new world?” The man’s smile warm and inviting. He actually offered his hand to the young scientist. Lee looked at the people behind him and noticed Olivia amongst them. She was staring at Lee. She mouthed something but Lee didn’t know what. He looked at the Count again speechlessly.

“…our young prodigey here has been struck a bit adled by the news. Perhaps another inspiration has come upon him.” The count was saying to his steward. “Have him restrained until he comes to his senses. For your protection of course, Mister Warlam. I wouldn’t want to throw you to the zombies unecessarily.”


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