NaNoWriMo 2010 Part 13 / Zombie Steampunk #28

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Word Count: 35,677 (Delta: +4,742 [1]) (Prime Delta: +12,339)

A little early for an update I know. But I’m starting to think maybe my brain has broken. Okay I’m exaggerating. I look now at how much time I took to write my word count today and I’m not faster or slower than I was the prior few days. This is just how fast I seem to write. Well maybe a little slower than normal. I’m out of my house in a coffee shop, which seems to work alright, although they keep shutting off the music. I wrote a small fight scene today, ended up looking up some aikido moves for research.

I think I like fighting scenes, even if they are a pain in the butt to pace and describe correctly.

I might write more tonight. That really depends on how much willpower I can summon. This weekend’s realistic goal was met, write five day’s worth of word count, or about eight thousand three hundred words. Between yesterday and today I’ve written a little over ten thousand six hundred words so… mission accomplished. My non-realistic goal was to write seven day’s worth of word count, which by my calculations is only about a thousand more words, so if I didn’t find time to write next week, I wouldn’t get behind.

But I needs my brain down time, ya knows?

Writing Advice

Lets see… research is good. Research, unfortunately, is not good during NaNoWriMo. So I think if I were giving advice for NaNoWriMo, I’d say do some pre-research by thinking about things you want to include in your story and finding research  materials about them, and store those away for when you need ’em. For example if I thought about it, I would have considered that I’d need to look up more about boxing, aikido, and other martial arts, for my zombie steampunk novel (cause that totally makes sense right?). So I might have gone looking for weblinks that teach me such things and saved them. Actually I do need to start making a better organization of web and research materials. Something to improve upon during the editing process, maybe?

They say write what you know. I add to that, learn what you don’t know, so you can write it! Don’t I sound wise?

Zombie Steampunk Update

Alright! First graphic death and second semi-on screen death! I totally just killed any chance of this novel being a light hearted comedy. Heh. As if I thought it would be. For those of you who don’t know, the actual formulation of his novel was a twitter question. What did people want to ready? I gave a list of genres and themes, and the ones most voted upon were: Comedy, Drama, Zombie, and Steampunk. Well as the outline formed, I noticed I wasn’t writing a very comedic so much as dramatic story. I’ve tried softening things up by including humor, odd character names. I mean even the concept of the battle is strange. I turned war into football, effectively. But I don’t think there is enough comedy in the book yet, and I’m not sure there ever will be.

So today focused a lot on Marla, Sylvia, and Carlos, with a small amount of a delirious Leanne. No Lee whatsoever. Poor guy gets kidnapped way too much. I think he’ll be spending a of time talking with and humanizing Count Williams on the airship. Yesss…

I find it interesting that both Sylvia and Lee lock up under the horror of what they’ve seen. I’ve planned for Carlos, Tight, and Marla to respond to it with efficiency of ‘we gotta survive’. My two supposedly main characters are the ones that are going to need to work through the horrors of violence and death. Carlos isn’t scheduled to have a psychological break down until he actually kills a living person, rather than a zombie. Tigh is already batshit insane. Or at least I think he is going to end up that way.

This is making no sense to you. I’ll stop rambling.

Zombie Steampunk World Stats

Glossary: 1,330 Words (Delta +0)
World Setting: 8,144 Words (Delta +10)
Character Information: 2,623 Words (Delta +31)
Current Outline: 6,580 Words (Delta +249)
Draft: 35,677  Words (Delta: +4,742)
Grand Total: 54,354 Words (Delta +,5032)

Zombie Steampunk Excerpt

(Warning. The below excerpt is violent and somewhat graphic.)

The solider’s hand, the one the girl held, closed on the girl’s own hand while the other reached out and grabbed the front of her dress. By this point the nurse had started to turn her attention back to the sick man a look of confusion growing on her face. Sylvia started to lift an arm, as if that would let her move the girl away from the solider who’s milky eyes betrayed a sinsiter intent. He pulled his fore head back from her hand and pulled at her and she crumpled against him with utter shock and surprise.

And then he bit her.

She screamed in pain and Sylvia arrived in time to grab the girl’s shoulders and try to pull her away from the attacking solider. The man’s grip was strong but Sylvia’s own was heightened by the fear that had wrapped around her heart. The girl’s dress tore as Sylvia pulled her away, and so did the girl’s face, as pieces of her flesh remained trapped in the crazed solider’s teeth. His grip on her hand was still solid however and the girl, her scream turning into a gurgle as blood spurted furiously from her where her nose should have been, lost her footing and slumped to the ground. The solider, not hesitating, threw himself from his chair down on top of her.

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