Random World: The Adventure Game (Chapter 5)

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Last time in Random World…

(Just so you guys know, I’m going on vacation starting today. So you guys have the entire week to try and think about what you want to do. So I’m releasing the restricts on one sentence/one solution. Think up as much as you like.)

Chapter 5: A new companion in the Dark Forest

You look down at the dark pit below. You could take time to figure out what is down there. Perhaps if you had a wizard, you could cast light on a coin and drop it to see how deep it is. Or you could find some small woodland creature to test to see if the blue light still happens. Or you could screw preparation, scream “LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOOOY JEEEENKINS!!!!!” and drop like a rock into the darkness.

While your shout of triumph last for at least two seconds, it sadly does not last the entire duration of your drop. The blue light does not appear again but your leg still remains numb and kind of floppy, of course it wasn’t all that useful for flying anyway. After the ten second mark you begin to wonder if the hole has a bottom. And where is your new companion? Its completely dark, although you can see the hole you fell through slowly growing smaller above.

Then you hear a rather loud crack, followed by a very quiet, tiny sounding “Owwww!” echoing from below.

Current Points of Interest
It’s too dark to see anything! Oh know I hope there aren’t any grues!
Obvious Exits
Down – Which is where you’re going unless you figure out how to stop
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